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Bribery / corruption – racism / murder / lack of Human Rights . The lawyer of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice is a cavity for the law .

August 1, 2012

I met on passed Friday the former Head of Commission the Human Rights and Administrative Justice a lawyer Mr. K Agyei Arhin . He is knowing , our 2006 court maintenance lost the value with every year of the inflation . He was bribed by Dr. Berkoh and an administrator of the Green Hill clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh (who is also from Techiman ) , became rich , Instantly got pick-up instead of his third hand car , left his government work and our human rights case to ‘no whom’ .

At this time the lawyer paid for our weekly vegetables and fruits in a place near the Bank (NDC’s political party member Akos is a veg seller . She is one of an old client’s of Dr. Berkoh illegal abortions and Pethodine’s user , with many others in Bank (one of them – Jenifer ) , In the market and other places many more ) . Many an old abortions / narcotics clients are playing their unclean politics and racism against us for many years . Many are using our foreigners case of ‘milk the cow ‘ (take bribes to hide the crime ) .

The veg seller drank a lot with Dr. Berkoh’s abortions . Her brother Nicholas (the NPP’s member ) is helping her . They played the Ashanti’s politics in the B/A region against us – the foreigners to cover illegal activities of the murderer . Akos insulted my mother and me , with seeing my child – she did the same . Akos unable to born a baby for the past 12-13 years , She only able to fake the pregnancy for local’s reasons with the assistance of same Doctor (to arrange conspiracy of their deeds ) . My mother tried to sack her out from doctor’s bungalow 7 , sacked out others pregnant prostitutes out of a bungalow we sacked also for a short time (they came back ) .

Dr. Berkoh’s abortions / narcotics clients vomited all over . One of them born a baby in a queue under the mango tree and killed . They stole our fruits , groundnuts and vegetables (which we planted around the bungalow . They waited for abortions in Medical village bungalow # 7 in Sunyani B/A from 9 am to 5 pm and disturbed a lot . They regularly insulted us and attacked with Dr. Berkoh’s assistance and ‘blessings ‘ , made a market , concreted abnormalities in a local system .

My mother and I with our pet the dog ran to stay in the Pastoral Center for an hour to rest from illegal activities of a bloody hands dealer . The Lawyer of the CRAJ is a cavity for the law .
He was a member of inquiry into allegations leveled against my ex (Dr . Berkoh ) in 2000 for illegal abortions and narcotics business in the bungalow . Dr. Berkoh had alert from the Police , sent his abortion table and instruments to garage of his colleague (Dr . Albert Amankwa ) , then into the private clinic Green Hill (where the lawyer’s sister was employed ) .

The GHRAJ’s lawyer had free medical treatment for all his family . He feels sorry – my mother’s clinic Dr. Berkoh is using to pay the bribes for officials . We do not have the Human Rights in Ghana – the law breakers be hiding the crime and conspiracy of ‘everything is OK ‘ are leading to blooming corruption , fake marriage existence of smuggling foreigners to Ghana . The law breakers arranged a free murderer to control the undeveloped societies deeds , to grow an African economics with robbing property of foreigners . We cannot leave the West Africa to say ‘good bye ‘ to lawbreakers and tortures , because of unity of criminals exist – an accomplice is playing unclean game of ‘the thief cover the thief ‘ and ‘the murderer cover the murderer ‘ . No one was helpful – we have not seen the justice in court’s rooms . The lack of justice and Human Rights we met in all Ghana , law breakers made damages for our liberty ways – hard to leave at once for our life .

My mother was sent alive to a morgue in 2008 . My mother is gone for better place . She does not moan in pain any longer after Dr. Berkoh’s cruel attacks and savage physical assaults . My son and I am are staying in the air in Ghana near a door of a cage . For 19 years in Ghana I have only sorrow of the human trafficking , racism , violence , theft of my mother’s family inheritance and murder of my mother . We stay in the jungle without human , women and children rights , with corrupted officials and leaders . They misused their unclean seats . In Africa we stay as hostages . The Ghanaian’s treat the foreigners same as orphans – very bad . We met thorny hell instead of justice in the West Africa . We have no home . We need International assistance to have life and future .

The snake in an African system if we will ever meet in the garden in abroad – not our friend .

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