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We are foreigners, we had no money even for a coffin – our property stolen by planned cheats in Ghana. We are dependents of Ghana (HOSTAGES). For how long? 2006/2007 – the Minister of Foreign Affairs took our case, covered the crime with NDC’s involved, nailed my Mother in a coffin. Now, he is Presidential Candidate. Watch out! With my dead in 1994 marriage Ghanaian politicians instead of freedom/justice afford coffins for white foreigners. Racists of united political parties buried crime to step on International Law Code. We will try to leave horror country as refugees, or migrants. EU in Ghana had our SOS, did not mind our plea for help since 2006 for our Soviet Union identity – they hate Russians with our permanent leaving of Ukraine. AU unable to protect whites.

August 1, 2012

Given by Minister of Foreign Affairs lawyers kept in my divorce case my mom's civil case for one year what is against the law. Just through Legal Aid Lawyers my mom had ability of tries to send case to High Court,but they delayed since beginning of April 2007,we waited 2-3 hours near Secretary for invited us lawyer's time who hid himself in final,afraid to go against Minister of Foreign Affairs.Was little movement of preparation - I was sent in May 2007 to Land Valuation Board (our house was build with my mom's finances,documents my ex made for himself).In November 2007 I was sent to Regional Manager or Sunyani Bank of Ghana to have response but had disappointment as Bank of Ghana in Accra unable to read name of my mother,unable to see date of request what is 07/11/1996 - day of my,mother's arriving to Ghana,where she suffered with domestic violence,race discrimination,pain after deadly assaults.Ghanaian officials,leaders blocked her way to freedom,to have possibility to have urgent treatment or surgery to survive,they waited till she die in pain,buried her in 2 feet hole in their political party cheapest coffin...

Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo (the member of Regional Security Committee as a barrister at law solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana), cheated us foreigners, to grow his pocket with domestic violence in our house. He lied of no existence of Legal Aid lawyers in Sunyani to waste our time/to involve all Ghana into our case. We need international support to have safety/political asylum/freedom. Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo gave us lawyer from Kumasi Marian Gyasi and she needed cash. The Regional Police Commander paid, had attempts of seduction (to use me for payment back). My Mother, my child and I paid back to him with our food money. His lawyer delayed, she was late to High Court for 6 hours (intentionally appeared on 17/05/2006 at 3 pm in Judge Ato Assan’s house). Earlier, we reported to Accra officials/leaders about internal problems in Sunyani – smuggling/torture/violence/theft of property/death threats/of Police-lawyers in a region. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nana Akufo-Addo gave us NPP’s lawyers (Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah, who is a client of our enemy/of our opponent (Dr. Berkoh). The lawyer Twumasi Awuah instantly introduced lawyer Matthew Appiah (from theirTwumasi and Associate chamber in Cocoa House, Sunyani). They followed instructions of Dr. Berkoh, also his administrator Amoah Frimpong Monsoh and his lawyer from NDC’s political party Wiredu Peprah. The lawyer Wiredu Peprah used us foreigners as a target for his racism in High Court 3/in Circuit Court ‘A’, forced Judge Ato Assan to reduce amount of our court maintenance. My Mother’s clinic Green Hill they used to pay their bills of bribes/to fed many lawbreakers. Racists kept us foreigners without food and without justice. Nothing changed. They kept in my divorce case my Mother’s civil case for one year, and that is against the law. Through media, we found Legal Aid lawyers. Through Legal Aid Lawyers, my Mother had a chance since 1996 to send a civil case to the High Court in 2007, but racists delayed since the beginning of April 2007. We waited for 2-3 hours near the secretary of a lawyer Kwame Gyan Konto for his appearance in his invitation time. In final, the lawyer Kwame Gyan Konto with lawyer Nketia Apraku fooled the law/hid themselves. They had bribes, frightened to go against Minister of Foreign Affairs (Presidential Candidate Nana Akufo-Addo). Legal Aid lawyer Kwame Gyan Konto took my divorce case under his control, tossed, gave to the lawyer Nketia Apraku in January 2007. We had no security/no safety – no better now. Lawyers of Minister of Foreign Affairs played politics/race discrimination against us with a lawyer Wiredu Peprah. They all had bribes from Dr. Berkoh/his administrator Amoh Frimpong Monsoh. Political lawbreakers/racists comforted Dr. Berkoh’s prostitutes, stole our property, hid the crime, became accomplices to each other. My Mother, my son and I had a new double life threats on 27/10/2006 for media involved. We had risk to die. Dr. Berkoh suffocated my son to kill, physically savagely assaulted us (foreigners), also child’s teacher Anthony Joe Aware (who with Director Boateng and American Missionaries Icenogle did not pay taxes to Municipal Assembly since 2004-2005, became our enemies as Police/judges caught the witness in hot, found guilty to hide the crime against us). My Mother, my child and I had no court maintenance for 58 days. Three and half years we had no slaves salary (monthly court maintenance at all (through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units/through Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chief Directors of Coordinating Council/Chief’s accountants in the Regional Ministry with NPP-NDC’s political parties). No one cares in the Regional Ministry, Sunyani, B/A about foreigners hostages. Politicians busy for corruption/racism/elections, waste our lifetime to grow human trafficking since 1994/1996. Since 2007, we have weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry not on time (after 3-6 days), because of many officials are flying with drugs/bribery. Racists delayed to give us our weekly food money, because of they unable to understand that we are humans with different skin color. The was a little movement of preparation for my Mother’s civil case presidium. My Mother expected to have from Dr. Berkoh the compensation for stolen property (also, for lost pension for 11 years with his cheats of the invitation to Ghana in 1996). We had no time to wait. My Mother needed urgent medical treatment after the savage Dr. Berkoh’s attack and his physical assaults on 19/02/2006. She had destroyed internal organs and heavy pain in the chest, needed a wheelchair. Racists wanted to keep us for slavery with their force. We expected to have justice and freedom. The bribery, racism and corruption in Ghana very high, we faced injustice. Lawyer Gyan Konto sent me in May 2007 to Land Valuation Board. Our house was built with my Mother’s finance the same as a Green Hill clinic, others buildings, which raised with Green Hill clinic income. Documents Dr. Berkoh made for himself (on his own name). In November 2007, I was sent to the Regional Manager of Sunyani Bank of Ghana to have a response but had disappointment. The Manager of Ghana Bank in Sunyani knew the judge, reported about judge Ato Assan’s love to bribery, his private illegal buildings appearance. Officials from the Bank of Ghana in Accra unable to read the name of my Mother, unable to see a date of the request (07/11/1996 – the day of my Mother’s arrival to Ghana, where she suffered with no legal way to freedom/with injustice of domestic violence/race discrimination/heart attacks/heart failure/with lots of torture and pain after deadly physical assaults of her murderer Dr. Berkoh). Ghanaian officials/leaders blocked our ways to the freedom. My Mother had no ways to have a possibility to get urgent treatment or a surgery to recover and to survive from the murder. Lawbreakers waited until she died in a pain (in a morgue). Racists tranquilized her on 21/01/2008 by hand of Dr. Aaron Asare. The Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah with the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Mr. Marcus Plus (the member of the Regional Security Committee) buried her on 24/01/2008 in their cemetery’s, left without identification (in 2 feet hole/in their political parties cheapest coffin). Political criminals buried my Mother by hand of Sunyani Regional Ministry’s workers. My son and I stay still in a trap. No Human Rights for Whites in Ghana – we need domesticated by lawbreakers /racists matter send to International levels to leave Africa/to have home/independence from the murderer (abortions/narcotics dealer).

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