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An abortions are popular business in Ghana . The Doctors are getting instantly high level of respect for daily bloody cash in Sunyani . They have money power and with that buy the Police , lawyers , politicians and others lawbreakers the same as Dr. Berkoh is doing , all corrupted officials alright with that . Was no divorce since 1994 – the fake and force marriage in the West Africa , Why do they keep the foreigners in Africa , Ghana with a force and it is not against the law case with the life threats for foreigners and murder is not a crime . Maybe someone can say it is the Catholics matter . Those , who never married no happy with freedom of someone’s burden and fresh life with perfect match in love and happiness . For money they can pray more for the murderer of my mother . We wish the hell for the criminality . No forgiveness for the crime . Dr. Berkoh will kill more foreigners the same as he is doing with daily abortions . Dr. Berkoh can buy the law in Ghana with his bloody money to keep us the foreigners to destroy , to kill one by one . The lack of money and with a trap of the human trafficking – the law never works in no civilized places . An African’s in Ghana for us the same . They have one face because of the racism they have as a weapon against us the foreigners whites . Billions time I regret the day when the Devil crossed my way . The separated by REGSEC ex (Dr . Berkoh ) attacked us to kill for our tries to publish one of reasons for demand and alarm for my divorce in petition ” Abortions mania destroyed the marriage ” (which we did send to Minister of Health ) , to Mr. Simmons Yussif Kewura (the editor of ” The Chronicle ” ) , sent information 2 the Editor in Kumasi and to the Judge Mr. Ato Assan in High Court 3 . In fact , the facts buried in Sunyani by corrupted authorities . 2006 – the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Mr. Marcus Plus left as a secret threats of death 2000 , 2006 for media involved . Dr. Berkoh used the bloody after abortions hands to suffocate my child’s neck for media involved and for facts about his creepy narcotics and abortions business we mentioned to give another reason of the divorce and the freedom from the murderer . In the BNI for the citizen criminal defense was counted as a pleasure – the wealthy doctor the criminal with narcotics and abortions is good for their society and for poverty reduction with reducing population until zero . Theft of the foreigners property , torture the foreigners is part of tradition and a plan to grow the economy in Ghana . Others officials were happy to be in a case to have Dr. Berkoh’s blessings and the cash support . Do you think an abortions means aborted Christianity in Ghana ?

August 1, 2012

Ghanaian’s officials and leaders torture us with keeping as dependents of every changed government and have assistance to have in Regional Ministry our court maintenance weekly cheques . At the same time someone as the Chief Director of Regional Ministry Mr. Felix Chaahaah with the Chief of accountant Mr. Eric Nyarko is swimming in the region cash the same as as Mr. Boateng and Mr. Sagoe did with previous political parties of powering the seats had their unclean tries to play solicitors for the murderer of my mother Dr. Berkoh. They use their poor local lack of intellect with sorry attitude to justice . They push for reconciliation with my mother’s murderer (who must be in the prison ) the babies killer , thief of property , friendly to males . The marriage dead in 1994 the lawbreakers are raising for themselves . They can marry Dr. Berkoh and never bother me again . They are not International solicitors for us to be helpful to stay far than ever possible from the West Africa , Ghana . We are political asylum seeker since 2006 . The Regional Ministry with race discrimination and simple discrimination – far from the justice place.

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