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Journey with injustice .

August 1, 2012

Journey with injustice .

Mr. Mensah Bonsu is an uncle of my separated in 2007 by the REGSEC ex (Dr . Berkoh ) . With all their extended family members they are the members of the National Patriotic Party (elephants ) . Mr. Mensa Bonsu and his son Jude we met with my mother in time of 1999 , 2000 in Doctors’ bungalow 7 in a Sunyani Medical village (where Dr. Berkoh continued from Nsoatre his illegal abortions and narcotics business until August , 2000 . We had life threats for media involved and for closed criminal’s bloody activities . Dr. Berkoh warned my mother and me : he will kill us . He accused us for cooperation with the foreigners from the Pastoral Center and with the dentist’s wife Mrs. Sakey from a bungalow 4 and her classmate (the correspondent from Kumasi).
Dr. Berkoh slashed with a scalpel from me 2 pieces of the skin to force us to keep quiet about his business – my mother and I expected to be free from slavery , we needed safety for my baby . Dr . Berkoh had an attempt to use the scalpel to open my belly to re-concentrate the authorities on ‘accident’ or ‘suicide’ . Mr. Mensah Bonsu (uncle of the murderer ) was helpful to us , he pressed Dr. Berkoh to pay us our slaves salary with less delay (the colleagues of the murderer Dr. Forjour and Dr. Amankwa forced him to pay us slaves salary – for keeping us with a force in Ghana . The slaves salary became a monthly court maintenance since 2006) . With closed bloody business in a bungalow we went to stay in a house which was built with my mother’s blocks .
The mason’s family used the house – Dr. Berkoh hid the house from his medical authorities to perform his unclean business . He left near our house incomplete boys-quarters (his dreams of the abortions center in an area ) . With my baby growing my mother and I paid some part of our slaves salary for Dr. Berkoh’s relatives – Mr. Mensah Bonsu’s son Jude for my car driving occasionally to Accra and Kumasi , where I bought the books , laptops and clothes for my child . In Sunyani town was no development to expect in fast way – the local books had poor value , not colorful , was no possibility to buy the books from UK or U.S.A . Quality sweets for the childhood and decent clothes was rare on that time , lots of effort needed to maintain to have elementary things . We needed peaceful atmosphere and safety . We had no way seek legal way out of Africa with regular life threats and under one roof with the cocaine and ju-ju / woody dealer . We had no food on time , everything good was temporarily .
For our payment to Dr. Berkoh’s uncle’s son my son got development , became smart , minded less domestic violence – we ran to hide and we survived . Mr. Mensah Bonsu I met with the Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah many times in the Regional Ministry’s in Sunyani B/A (from 2007 my mother , my child and I receive our weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry (Sunyani B/A) through the Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU , through the Regional Ministers and Deputies , through the Chiefs of accountants and Chiefs Directors of Coordinating Council ) . An active political member of NPP’s political parties Mr. Mensah Bonsu is close to the former Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah (my mother and I met him at first in 1997. Mr. Baffour Awuah came to us the foreigners to complain about Dr. Berkoh’s criminals behavior and the life threats .
Dr. Berkoh paid for the Nsoatre Police to hide the crime case . He comforted his prostitutes and officials with illegal cash . Dr. Berkoh performed abortions in Nsoatre clinic with nurses in assistance – Dr. Emmanuel Agassi (Adjase ) left Nsoatre clinic abortions and narcotics business to new colleague for Dr. Berkoh , was an abortions teacher to him , was transferred from Sunyani Municipal Hospital far from Nsoatre town . With my arriving to Ghana in 1993 Dr. Berkoh had no accommodation in Accra Dansoman . We got poor room in Tema , committee 5 . 1994 – Dr. Berkoh with his sister Veronica from Committee 2 killed my baby to end the marriage and to use the containers (which we sent from Russia-Ukraine with my mother’s salaries and savings ) . Dr. Berkoh’s sister wanted him to care about her 4 children – they from different fathers .
I had a risk to die , had no financial way leave Africa was no way with physical assaults to say a word of justice and freedom . In Nsoatre was water problems . We stayed in a half house near a nurse (before Dr. Berkoh had accommodation in Sunyani Doctors bungalow 7 in the Medical village ) . The former Bank worker Mr. Baffour Awuah as a Regional Minister with the member of the Regional Security Committee Mr. Marcus Plus (the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation ) by hand of the Regional Ministry’s workers buried my mother on 24/01/2008 . They got rid of my tranquilized by NDC’s political party member (Dr Aaron Asare ) in 21/01/2008 mother .
They left her in Ghanaian’s cemetery without identity . Two months before set ups of my mother’s murder (in November , 2007 ) the President John Agyekum Kufuor had my Mother’s SOS for our freedom and justice – in 2006 the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Akuffo-Addo (the Presidential Candidate left our SOS for the Lawyers – the racists (one lawyer the Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Mr. Twumasi Awuah is a client of Dr. Berkoh , with another lawyer Mr. Matthew Appiah from NPP’s political party – instantly they followed instructions of Dr. Berkoh’s lawyer Mr. Wiredu Peprah the member of NDC’s political party ) .

They tortured us with a trap of injustice (the racism in court room they made legal to spoil the case ) . They tortured my mother , my son and me with new life threats (in the house and in compound – for the media involved ) . The Police hid from the Circuit Court the Editor The Chronicle Mr. Simmons Yussif Kewura , hid particulars of offense with the Chief of Attorney Department Mr. R . Beke . Law breakers organized for us the foreigners life threats – starvation for 58 days without weekly court maintenance (punishment for sent a crime case life threats to Circuit Court ) .
In 1997 the worker of the Bank the NPP’s political member Mr. Baffour Awuah was hit by car of drunkard Dr. Berkoh . He drove after NDC’s political party’s meeting’s in a car Ascona Opel BA 65-45 C (which someone is using as a taxi at this time) . Dr. Berkoh bought the car (as he stole my mother’s property in 1996 ) . Dr. Berkoh went to join the NDC’s , because of our latest place in USSR was Russian city Kharkov and Dr. Berkoh told us : no Embassy in Ghana to assist us and stolen property by him from my mother he wont pay back , he will kill us the foreigners one by one , and no one will mind . My mother told him : we will report to the Ghanaian President Mr. J . J . Rawlings .
With that Dr. Berkoh went to troll the NDC’s political party to disturb us to leave Ghana with the money which he took with force (stole with lies and cheats and used ) . My mother worked 38 years in the U.S.S.R to own the property . Dr. Berkoh said – no one President will help her to take her property from him back . My dead marriage was ended in 1994 . He invited my mother (his ‘mother-in-law’) in 1996 and he became instantly rich with his theft commitment , grew his popularity in the region with using our skin to attract the clients . Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my mother ) paid to Nsoatre Police with an abortions bloody cash to hide the crime case for beginning and regularly , became a friend of the political victim (Mr Baffour Awuah ) , with abortions and narcotics cash power he grew the bank worker into the Regional Minister . With a power of abortions and narcotics cash they covered the human trafficking , racism , domestic violence and life threats with physical assaults .
Dr. Berkoh grew the Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah into the Parliament with some of the income of the private clinic Green Hill and others buildings which he raised with the clinic income with my mother’s two buildings of a clinic (third building he grew with abortion and narcotics business). Dr. Berkoh proud to control bribed officials . He became trapped with his crime – became a cash donor for NPP-NDC’s political parties since 1997 for our foreigner’s case . The bribed by him Police (since 2005 in the Regional Police Headquarters and DOVVSU-WAJU ) with the corrupt politicians he keeps us foreigners in Ghana with the force and fake marriage , without my divorce and share , without legal way out of Africa , without weekly court maintenance for 3-6 days) .
They made with the Security barriers to our freedom and independence . They did not give the legal way for my mother’s leaving out for safety with chance to have the compensation for all stolen property from Dr. Berkoh and stay alive in abroad . My mother had not a share from the income of raised with her finances Green Hill clinic . Ghanaian criminals are covering themselves with bribes and racism , covered a murderer of my Mother , made sets ups of life threats to us the foreigners . In unity they are keeping the crime against us the foreigners as their families matter .
They able to keep the Doctor/criminal very comfortable (without the prison bars – for prosperity of corruption , with Doctors medical certificate and with actively flow the Green Hill private clinic’s income for bribery payment ) . His uncle Mr. Mensah Bonsu kept all his children from different marriages employed . Two of them worked as drivers in Green Hill clinic , drove my car Opel Vectra B/A 637 T . The administrator of Green Hill clinic Mr. Amo Frimpong Monsoh took Opel Vectra BA 637 T (stole from us ) the car to use (without our will ) . I do not have a licence to drive , no money for car’s maintenance .
The relatives of Dr. Berkoh his dependents (one of them uncle Mr. Mensah Bonsu advised and pressed him to buy for us another car , because of Dr. Berkoh bough with the clinic income Toyota Echo GR 2641 X to Millicent Odoi (whose mother the nurse supplied Dr. Berkoh with stolen goods from the Municipal Hospital for abortions and narcotics performance in Doctor’s bungalow 7, with closed by authorities illegal abortions business in 2000 the nurse controls Dr. Berkoh’s income in Green Hill clinic . He built for them the house in Coco village in Sunyani . They attacked my child and me in 2004-2005 near my son’s Divine Montessori school . With the racism in Ghana , life threats and violence my son’s schooling was spoiled in Ghana in 2005 . Through the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo (the member of the REGSEC ) my mother , my son and I had foodstuffs money , for my child’s teachers ‘ and for gas – the Administrator of the Green Hill Clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh brought the cash to the office of the Regional Police Commander , pleaded with the Police Commander to be merciful to meet him in the evening to keep Dr. Berkoh clean and secured from the punishment ) .
The next my car was the Mercedes Benz BA 284 V (the Regional Commander as a member of the REGSEC Mr. Opare-Addo stole from us the foreigners . He took my car’s documents and keys to save in the beginning of 2006 and did not give us the foreigners our car back . The copy of car documents I went to take for the Court in registration vehicles office in Abesim . We reported to the Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah , to the Inspector General of Police and to the Attorney Department to the Chief of the Attorney Department and to others ( the Minister of Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Akuffo-Addo … No one minded the theft ) …
The younger son Jude of Dr. Berkoh’s uncle went to university in Kumasi and his sister also left the Green Hill clinic to study in university in Accra Legon with Milicent Odoi (one of girlfriend’s of the ex ) – Dr. Berkoh paid for visas and tickets to abroad also . The uncle of the separated by the REGSEC ex had an attempt to arrange the traditional marriage to me and his younger son (Jude ) to do not spoil the career of Dr. Berkoh with our demands of the divorce and independence, with our possibility of the International involvements . Mr. Mensah Bonsu wanted me to call the separated in 2007 ex (Dr. Berkoh) a ‘brother’ . I said – NO , we had enough of horror of their families . We had enough of inhumane hospitality with tortures , wounds and scars . We need freedom , legal way to have political asylum – someone with right power will mind my child’s and mine pleads for freedom with our official SOS from time of 2006. My mother was murdered , because of we became more victimized by the corrupt Politicians and their Security . We want to leave as the refugees through the UN /UNHCR (with hope to have Human Rights).
2004-2005 – Elder son of an uncle of my separated in 2007 ex handled painfully daily insults and mistreatment of my ex . He fears of Dr. Berkoh , was fired by him , because of he drove my car and I investigated near my son’s school blocks private factory . The contractor gave an instant proves – Dr. Berkoh built a house , bought a car , sent to university one Millicent Odoi . She sold to Dr. Berkoh stolen in the Municipal Hospital by her mother-nurse Bee medical goods for abortions in 1999-2000 (maybe earlier from Nsoatre clinic ) . For seeing the truths my son , my mother and I had life threats . My ex wanted to kill us , to send us out for street .
I went to meet one of doctor’s wife and got contact to the Minister of Women and Children Rights , I went to Women and Juvenile Units- Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units . The Police cooled down Dr. Berkoh . His old ex girlfriend started to call us and insult (we had house phone and Dr . Berkoh destroyed with his violence in the house) . She also used my cell phone number for insulting us messages . I sent her to the Chief Inspector of Municipal Police . Dr. Berkoh was madder – tried to get rid of our lives , left no money for foodstuffs .
Dr. Berkoh’s uncle’s younger son was bold . If I ever had a piece of trust in Ghanaian’s , maybe I surrender for their creepy traditional marriage . He (Jude ) was a happy person and good driver . He saved our lives (when my car’s brake was recently damaged by Dr. Berkoh – the murderer of my mother made lots of threats of death ) . I went with Jude’s sister to Accra . She was sent to university , meanwhile I went to Embassy to have a passport for my son – the driver (Jude ) found the fault on the way to Accra . Meanwhile , I needed return in the same day and Jude made it happened .
He has bad habit – he steals money , also he has a problem with a kleptomania . I think it is their family’s disease . Dr. Berkoh is a criminal with big cash to cover himself . One of life threats Jude with his sister witnessed in 2004 . We almost became the victims , or maybe they tried to kill me . Saturday – my car took Jude’s elder brother to feel with a fuel and checked the oil . On Sunday recently Dr. Berkoh took my car for washing reasons (before our long travelling to Accra without the traffic , with 200 km/h of a speed ) – even at midnight Dr. Berkoh refused to give delayed payment of our slaves salary .
The murderer stayed in his locked room , Insulted me through his window for the corridor . The driver Jude and his sister waited to travel at dawn . We needed to avoid traffics (about 7 hours of non stop of driving to Accra ) . We needed to come back the same day (only me who care about my son and my mother ) . I worried (when I traveled ) , was bad to leave my son and my mother around the murderer if they will accidentally unlock doors (the criminal able to attack ) . I worried – Dr. Berkoh inside the house always had a bad plan . I phoned to all relatives of Dr. Berkoh , to his colleagues (who usually controlled Dr. Berkoh and those usually went to the Police to plead with the Regional Commander ) .
I had (finally ) promised money , which they forced him to pay every month – he delayed with payment . He had in one day 12 millions in old currency , paid us 2 .5 millions a month in old currency as a slaves salary .
The murderer of my mother did not pay at all to us our slaves salary (monthly court maintenance ) for three and half years and 58 days food court maintenance (to do not give us the way to win a case , to win a time , to make my mother suffer in a pain after his physical assaults and without medical help ) . We have nothing good , our dreams to seek International support to our case is pending for many years . The murderer of my mother was against my child’s development , against my child’s coming to the World , I had no maternity dress , used my mother’s old dress .
Near a gate my son stood in a school uniform for one hour , for one hour 30 minutes and more . We waited for the Green Hill clinic driver (Jude’s brother from different mother ) . He gave us regular apologies , because of Dr. Berkoh flew himself at night with the cocaine and prostitutes , with attacks in the house , with illegal operations at night in Green Hill clinic with the anesthetist Mr. Mensah from the Regional Hospital (who had a gift from Dr. Berkoh – my mother’s car , unknowing person is using the car as a taxi at this time ) . We against criminals . They became the stalkers to us the victims . 2004 – miraculously we returned alive with a passport by the grace of God for surprise to my ex , for happiness to my son and my mother as they prayed for our safety . After my mom’s force death we do not communicate with family of my ex . We afraid them .

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