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The area is so scruffy, without wearing wellington boots my child afraid to come outside.

July 30, 2012

Without wellington boots my son afraid to come outside - area is bushy,no one President will force lazy men to keep their country clean. Our lives not safe in Ghana - we killed plenty snakes in compound to be not killed.

None of the Presidents of Ghana able to force lazy and an uncivilized majority to keep the country clean. Our life is not safe in Ghana, surroundings unclean and uncivilized. We killed plenty snakes in the compound to be not killed. The creepy reptiles can be maliciously friendly or not (to white foreigners as we are official political asylum seekers with 2006 SOS), with snaking to our compound in it pretty appearance (in the same price as corrupted politicians slithering around with their spiteful speeches of big promises with slimy deeds on their seats). Nearby some akpeteshies have the dump in a compound, planted jungle trees near our wall – snakes able to swing from them to our clean place. We need instant freedom from the jungle, where we met racism in courts/death threats.

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