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With every error we are suspecting: those, who covered crimes are trying to mute truths. We need an answer for a question: how many souls left with death threats, trafficked/smuggled with traditional cover of fake official marriages in the West Africa from Soviet Union/other country’s by Ghanaian citizens with racism over the Ghana left grounded/robbed/murdered in a trap of unjust? We struggle for many years to have International protection to leave for safety. Penniless victims results with deficiency of International Law in hurtful to the innocent victims surrounding of wealthy criminals addictions to racism/discrimination/drug in boosted corruption/bribery with degrading Human Rights of Whites in black and white cases.

July 30, 2012

Does the European Court of Human Rights able protect Human Rights of all who in need? We have Russian’s Federation identities. I left permanently Ukraine in 1993, the same as my Mother in 1996. My child and I near the door to the Freedom/Justice. My Mother’s murderer is joyfully joined other racists (in the power of NPP/NDC’s political parties individuals corruption). 2009 – The security of corrupted politicians/racists intercepted from French Embassy Ambassador’s correspondents (our Application-recourse for safe political shelter). We need land/home/safety, no one can forgive the crime, erase facts of  tortures/murder of my Mother/theft property of foreigners/free smuggling of foreigners to Ghana/physical assaults for foreigners women and child/organized set ups of starvations/death threats. We are experiencing temporarily and permanent errors of the corrupted system, which against our willingness to have Freedom. We are political asylum seekers since 2006 – EU took our case, made time expanded with the injustice of internal corruption in West Africa. Lawbreakers have celebrations with every inflation. Their nation used secondhand’s to wear, with corrupted leaders are going for thirdhand’s clothes on the ground. Boutiques in Ghana for a use of those, who have illegal supplies. The Justice does not work for foreigners (whites)/dependants/hostages of political criminals (who use foreigners case to hide crimes and grow fat for themselves/to grow banks accounts). We are foreigners, whose pocket they made empty, property/inheritance/pension robbed by local criminals in Ghana. EU in Accra unable to talk about individuals whites Human Rights. They expect we change color of our eyes to have blank looks (without the melanin production), bleach my son’s skin and change our identities for Dear to them, to they mind our SOS from 2006.

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