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Lack of communication – the crime more advanced .

July 30, 2012

Lack of communication - the crime more advanced .

We have the Wireless broadband – we thank God for that . The neighbors-racists are serving for my ex with their Ghana-British history . They had attempts on ‘kill ‘ our Internet connection (by surprise of cutting somehow their jungle tree and our phone line as a main point ) . Telephone line we do not use since 2006 (the separated by REGSEC ex hid our house phone from living room , sent out , another time hit on the floor , destroyed to cut off our urgent communication to the Police with every his new violence in the house ) . The multiple function telephone I bought in Kumasi , used our slaves salary – Doctor Berkoh misused the phone to hide violence indoor , hid savage attacks and bushy / inhumane hospitality between his abortions / narcotics clients in the area’s neighborhood . My mother was murdered – the case did not rich the court’s room (the racist’s are completing evidence elimination to grow racism /corruption / free murder foreigners-victims in Africa ) .

We have no chance to pay and replace all damaged items , things for new to have comfort in our ‘cage ‘ . We need freedom and independence to leave the West Africa , to be far from from nightmares continent . First and last phone line in the area we got from Director of a Telecom as a payment for medical service of Doctor Berkoh (the medical practitioner , who practiced on him ) . The Director recently died , because of he gave ‘wrong ‘ advice to the Doctor-butcher (to stop torture foreigners , to stop abortions in the region and stop beat my mother , my son and me ) .

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