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Private clinic Green Hill was raised as my ex with CHEATS and LIES invited my mother to Ghana, forcibly took her dollars. She sold all property in USSR (Kharkov, earlier in Leningrad). I made clinic welcoming for treatment in the clinic. I planted on rocks trees and flowers with hope to have our freedom, my divorce (with ended marriage in 1994), share. My mother needed her compensation from Dr. Berkoh for stolen property but clinic income my ex used to bribe misused positions officials/authorities to spoil our way to justice and political asylum in UK in 2006 when with all life threats we reached Ghana Courts (where we found nothing than racism ). He send to abroad his all members one by one, others needed to hide the crime (built houses for them), also sent his girlfriends for vacations to UK and USA, bought for them vehicles, paid fees for their universities – all of them helped him to grow his abortions/narcotics dirty business. He build hotel in Kumasi, castle in his Ashanti village… We’re not welcome to those buildings and we do not want to meet any of Ghanaian racists who hid crime, disturbed our peace with daily race discrimination, covered murder of my mother, torture, human trafficking. Last our coming to the Green Hill clinic in 2004 – we came twice to get for free anti-malaria drug, then took for many passing years medicine on credit as we cannot come out of tortures alone without International support. We had no monthly court maintenance (slaves salary) for 3 and half years, still have not in full amount since 2006, had no court maintenance 58 days, still did not get payment as race discrimination so powerful. The human trafficking helping Ghana to get development, to come out of their poverty-stricken level as politicians growing corruption, poverty with inflation, stealing our human rights, did not mind our SOS for freedom since 2006. They are stealing from nation country resources, keep us not by our will in the West Africa with limits and life threats, we are suffering a lot – we are not belong to Africa, or to Ashanti’s tribe. Those whom we met wild/uncivilized and nothing we can do about. We are staying as hostages, with limits, with little piece of comfort which unstable. We have no elementary things as inflation growing and corrupt politicians with their security hid the crime – they want us to use banana leaves instead of clothes. My mother had no food on time, had no urgent medical professional help, we treated our wounds to stay alive, but politicians are digging their graves to bury us; my son and I are praying for freedom to leave West Africa, Ghana as REFUGEES.

July 29, 2012

Private clinic Green Hill was raised as my ex with CHEATS,LIES invited my mother to Ghana,forcibly took her dollars as she sold all property in Ukraine. I made clinic welcoming and green - planted on rocks trees,flowers with our hope to have our freedom,my divorce,share,compensation for my mom but clinic income my ex used to bribe misused positions officials what did spoil our way to have justice,political asylum.He send to abroad his estate family members,others needed also his girlfriends for vacations,bought for them vehicles,paid fees for their universities.He build hotel,castle in his village,hostel for students...We're not welcome there.Last our coming was in 2004 - we came twice to get for free anti-malaria drug.

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