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100 PROBLEMS IMPOSSIBLE TO SHRINK INTO 1… 2009 – we tried to summarize issues and send to the President of Ghana our plead for assistance to have our freedom with political asylum, but problems which gave us past government with covering many cases brought complicity to every our step. We expect to increase our strength, seek International support – with 2006 SOS. We had doubts of President’s response as once in 2007 we had negative reply to us foreigners from former President of Ghana but with current government which we expected our hope refreshed for a while. The politicians-oppositions are polluting our ways to justice and to freedom. Became disabled response from legal offices – the crime hidden with unity, with corruption what delayed our chance to give final report to the NDC’s President who came for medical treatment, died with ‘brief illness’. In the same day we understood: the murder of my mother covered by the security and officials. The freedom from torture impossible to have.

July 25, 2012

With respect of the President Professor John Evans Atta Mills who was in the same age group with my mother – I wanted to make not much stressful petition and it was impossible, because of only with given the true facts we can get right and official way to have safe political asylum to leave the Africa where we are staying without our will. Many have happiness with our sufferance.
The mysterious ways had the President of the Ghana – died before new election, the fact is forcing me to think what someone forced him to die. The same happen to my mother. Was impossible to have TRUE autopsy – the colleague of my separated by the REGSEC ex from the same tribe, the same racist, abortions dealer/Director/Manager of the Regional hospital, controlled the situation.
Real death after assaults with tranquilizing of my mother they tried to keep in secret, while all town is knowing the truths – the murder is Dear to criminals-lawbreakers, theft of the property of the foreigners too. My child and I are staying near the door in our cage, human trafficking and racism available in the West Africa, Ghana, Sunyani in B/A region. The human rights, women and children rights – unavailable for foreigners.

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