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Crime in the Regional Ministry / in Ghana , Sunyani , Brong Ahafo region .

July 21, 2012

2008.My mom was buried on 24/01/08 like animal in 2 feet hole by Regional Minister of past government,my son had risk to die - was poison by colleague of my separated ex but I rescued him,carried on my back to bathroom as child was very week.As no one left to care child - we came to Regional Ministry to have our weekly court maintenance,Chief accountant of Regional Ministry received land in my ex clinic area,became fierce under influence,attacked my child as we disagree to have reconciliation with my mother's murderer who is my separated ex

Doctor Nicholas Mensah Berkoh stole containers, which we sent to Ghana in 1993 from USSR (Russia-Ukraine) . My mother and I spent our savings , our salaries to buy goods . With financial impossibility/ with language problem and life threats I had no way leave Ghana from 1994 . My mother the same: had no legal way to leave Ghana from 1996. My son was not welcome to the World in Ghana by racists in 2000 . From 2006 our official SOS in Ghana had EU , UN , UNICEF , INTERPOL with officials/leaders of Ghana with many law breakers / accomplice involved .
The crime against foreigners all involved left hidden in Ghana . 2007 – My mother expected the reply from the President of Ghana Kufuor for our SOS / her plead for freedom and justice . She was in coma after attendance of clinic on 21/01/2008 (when one Dr. Aaron Asare as an Ashanti and a member of npp or ndc’s political party sent my mother to morgue on 22/01/2008).
My mother was buried on 24/01/08 in 2 feet hole by the Regional Minister of past government Mr. Ignatius Baffour Awuah and the member of the Regional Security Committee the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Mr. Marcus Plus , with hands of the Regional Ministry’s workers in their political party’s cheapest coffin , because of with corruption/bribes/racism officials and leaders hid savage physical assaults, human trafficking, torture foreigners and slavery, inhumane hospitality …
The Regional Ministry’s worker responsible for my mother’s burial took us to the Regional Hospital (my child was with me as no one in house left to care). We went to see my mother froze in a morgue. My son had risk to die – was poisoned by Dr. Daniel Asare (who is abortions-narcotics dealer/Director/Manager of the Regional hospital, the colleague of my separated ex , from the same Ashanti’s tribe).
He had tries commit another murder to comfort a murderer of my mother Dr. Berkoh my separated in 2007 by Regional Security Committee ex . They organized crime , with money power , they are covering the crime . I rescued my son , with realizing what that Dr. who sent my mother to morgue deliberately prescribed wrong medicine for 5 days , had tries to kill my son . My child had raised high temperature and impossibility to eat , to drink water , to walk , to study…
I took on credit urgent medicine which was good for elders to make recovering my child able . My son was able to drink water and to eat small . I carried him on my back to a bathroom – my child was very weak and had a step to death , because of our opponents (enemies were ready to see us one by one in morgue’s freezer as we have no safety in the West Africa, Ghana, and we have no one to protect our Foreigner’s Human Rights).

My mother took good care about her grandchild, then no one left for us to care the child in the house. My child and I came together to the Regional Ministry to get our weekly court maintenance cheques. The Chief accountant of the Regional Ministry Mr. Sagoe received land in my ex’s clinic area, became fierce under influence, invited us earlier than cheque of our weekly court maintenance was delivered to the Regional Ministry from the Regional Police Headquarters, attacked my child as we are ignoring local’s advice, disagree to have reconciliation with my mother’s murderer (who is my separated ex).
After an incident with the accountant my son and I had our weekly court maintenance cheques in secretary’s office of the Coordination Director , where clerk Buadu with racism game played a bully, spoke to my son : “food money is not for him” . The criminal in power did not give us cheque of our weekly court maintenance without tortures.
My son had heart problems after the Regional Ministry. The pharmacist gave him drug for free (the same medicine , which I had on that time , when we had toxic in water and swollen bodies in 2007). The corrupt politicians of npp-ndc’s political parties used power supply company to play with our health – we became resistant , lost cholesterol (which we had a little) , changed the harmful pharmacy for more better .
Before government’s politicians changed we had our weekly court maintenance cheques in front of the Regional Ministry . No much hope to be free from torture with current government of corrupt politicians – they all the same (racists , they are wasting our life time , far from justice with a corruption ) .

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