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The separated ex – the murderer of my mother Dr. Berkoh had / having the support from others butchers the colleagues (narcotics and abortions dealers) , and others following and praised him racists-officials . They hid domestic violence to safe his medical certificate . One of them in a picture (Dr Amankwa) with his children and traditional wife . Dr. Amankwa ‘treated ‘ my mother’s heart failure , meanwhile he is not a cardiologist . Dr. Amonkwa ‘treated ‘ my son , meanwhile he is not a pediatrician – prescribed sleeping drugs for all my son’s childhood with horror of domestic violence and physical assaults of Dr. Berkoh (with no food on time and no money for teacher’s payment without the Police involvement ) . Fake gynecologist (Dr Amankwa) ‘treated’ me and made my ultrasound (he isn’t a radiologist ) . Dr. Berkoh’s medicine we do not accept – he is using the medical certificate to destroy opponents and enemies health , kill . Dr. Berkoh destroyed my mother’s heart in Doctors bungalow 7 the medical village where we stayed before (Dr Berkoh did illegal abortions , attacked us with insults and assaults , my mother had high pressure and Dr. Berkoh ‘treated’ her heart and the specialist Dr. Gorden recommended to throw out all harmful medicine . My mother had heart failures and heart attacks since then) . We do not trust fake doctors , afraid Ghanaian ‘ s – my mother was tranquilized , sent to grave as she sent our SOS to the President of Ghana , reported about our official SOS in 2006 (the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo (the Presidential Candidate) made problems – his lawyers kept us without court maintenance 58 days , with life threats for media involved) . We feared an African’s Doctors . Dr. Amankwa was excited – my ex (Dr. Berkoh) opened private clinic Green Hill in 2000 – with his cheats , lies and force my mother was robbed and the clinic was built. The blocks of the Green Hill clinic , for our house and other places was made with stolen from my mother finance’s (property) in Dr. Amankwa’s house compound (not far from the BNI) . Dr. Amankwa laughed at me as this time abortions for them is legal in a private clinic , as he (Dr Albert Amankwa ) also did abortions for Dr. Ousu and for Dr. Berkoh to open his own private clinic story building . My mother’s latest and last coming to the hospital of Dr. Aaron Asare was on 21/01/08 . Another colleague of my ex gave her drip and Injection – the next day she became the same as cotton – very weak . Her one arm of Dr. Aaron Asare’s drip was shivered – the vein along one arm was vibrated from inside . On that day my mother was no able to eat without assistance and to walk without help , had little ability talk and to pray for us . After Dr. Berkoh’s physical savage assaults (February , 2006) she needed the wheelchair . My mother had damaged internal organs . We had no any legal chance to leave Ghana to beg for urgent medical treatment . We had no money for food from Dr. Berkoh (while we are dependents) . Was no chance to buy wheelchair (expensive) . My mother used a stick to walk . She held herself with wall to rest with every few steps , sat to rest. She always was active for many years Dr. Berkoh used us as slaves for dirty work (cleaning gutters in Doctors bungalow …) .She helped me to care my son for 7 years (since 2000 until her last day) and she helped with the chores since 1996 (when I went to the colleagues of Dr. Berkoh (to complain about violence , physical assaults and no money for foodstuffs) , to the Police , Attorney Department , Courts , Regional Ministry ) . My mother told to my son: she sees the roses on black surfaces . She had difficulties breathe and white foam came from her mouth . The mortuary was next – Dr. Aaron Asare (who gave her drip) stay in the same area , delayed to come , then he sent my mother to freeze in a morgue , meanwhile in the Regional Hospital she was alive (she was able to talk but she used to move the fingers) … The Regional Minister sent the worker of the Regional Ministry (for my mother’s burial an organizer) . With my son and me the burial organizer met the Director/Manager of Regional Hospital Dr. Daniel Asare from the same tribe with the Dr. Berkoh who is separated by the REGSEC ex (Dr. Berkoh) – the murderer of my mother (who set up the murder of my mother with hands of the colleagues) . The Dr. D . Asare also did abortions in doctors bungalow , his Police wife in the Police covered his bloody business and narcotics business too , she (the Police worker) gave free ways for others doctors to perform bloody business … Dr. Berkoh grew himself with that . He grew abortions and narcotics business in the region . Dr. D Asare (the same racist as Dr. Berkoh) was happy to comfort for free my mother in the mortuary because of she and I witnesses of abortions problems (he stole-took pregnant from my separated just in 2007 ex – we became the victims . We were assaulted , Insulted for that) . Dr. Daniel Asare gave to my son poison cake from his office fridge . My son was very ill – vomited even water , lost 6 kg for 5 days . My child was not able to walk , burnt with temperature and with wrong treatment from Dr. Aaron Asare who last ‘treated ‘ my mother and she left for heaven . My mother’s dreams about Justice and Freedom , safe Political shelter ended . I saved my son’s life alone (took on credit medicine for adults Promethazine Hydrochloride – Antihistamine Sedative , Antacid Suspension for urgency) . My son and I afraid Ghanaian’s doctors , nurses , pharmacists and lab workers . One from Medi-lab Nana Berko is calling Dr. Berkoh ‘the boss ‘ , sends pregnant patients for abortions to have the share . All in Ghana familiar to Dr. Berkoh . They steal and kill the foreigners for money , for free . The racists corrupted and bribed . We are knowing they can kill . We have regular life threats . We stay in the West Africa without our will .

July 19, 2012

My ex had,has support from his colleagues who hid domestic violence to safe his medical certificate,on the picture one of them with his children and traditional wife.He ‘treated’ my mother heart failure while he is not a cardiologist,’treated’ my son while he is not a pediatrician – prescribed sleeping drug for all childhood with domestic violence,’treated’ me like a gynecologist while he is not,made my ultrasound while he is not a radiologist,was excited when my ex opened private clinic,laughed at me as this time abortions is legal in clinic.My mom last coming to hospital was on 21/01/08 – another colleague of my ex gave her drip,injection – next day she became like cotton very weak,her arm after drip was shivered,she was no able at all to eat and to walk without help,had little ability to talk,to pray for us,told to my son what she seeing red roses on black surface,was no able to breathe,foam came from her mouth.Mortuary was next where sent by Regional Minister worker of Regional Ministry (my mom's burial organizer) with my son and me met Director/Manager of Regional Hospital who from the same tribe with my ex also did abortions in doctors bungalow,his Police wife from Regional Police covered his bloody business.He was happy to comfort for free my mom in mortuary as she and I witnesses,victims of abortions problems (he stole-took pregnant from my ex - we were assaulted,insulted for that).He gave to my son poison cake.My son was very ill - vomited even with drinking water,lost 6 kg for 5 days,was unable to walk,burnt with temperature,with wrong treatment from Doctor who last 'treated' my mom and she left for heaven,her dreams about Justice,Freedom,safe Political shelter ended.I saved my son's life alone (took on credit medicine for adults Promethazine Hydrochloride - Antihistamine Sedative,Antacid Suspension for urgency).My son and I afraid Ghanaian's doctors.We knowing they can kill.

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