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Violation of law in Ghana . Deliberately hidden crime . Stolen dockets by Chief of Attorney Department .

July 19, 2012

July 2012.To new Chief of Attorney Department.Violation of law in Ghana,deliberately hidden crime,stolen dockets by Chief of Attorney Department (what previous Chief of Attorney Dept.informed).To have official response for previous petition we have to send new petition.Circle has no end.

July , 2012 – Our petition to new Chief of Attorney General of the Attorney Department Mrs. Serwaa . She met me in her office with race discrimination and insults , because of she is from the same Asanti’s tribe with my separated ex (Dr Berkoh , who was separated by the Regional Security Committee in 2007 and the domestic violence was ended , was finished for his direct life threats to us foreigners too ) .
New Chief of Attorney Department Mrs. Serwaa kept our petition ” Violation of law in Ghana . Deliberately hidden crime . Stolen dockets by a Chief of Attorney Department ” . The previous Chief of the Attorney General Mr. Ashirifi confirmed the fact – former Chief of the Attorney Department Mr. Robert Beke stole dockets from the Attorney Department in Sunyani B/A . He confirmed the fact and was transferred from a B/A region .
New Chief of Attorney Department Mrs. Serwaa misused her position , protected the lawbreakers . Two of them were the members of the Regional Security Committee – the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Mr. Marcus Plus (Mr. raper ) and the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo .

The Regional Police Commander disturbed us to leave Ghana , hid the crime to involve the State Attorney/ Deputy/Chiefs of the Attorney Department/INTERPOL and politicians from NPP-NDC’s political parties , because of he had skills to take the bribes , teach others to do the same-thing and hide the crime as barrister-at-law the solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana .
The Chief of the Attorney Department Mrs. Serwaa ‘forgot ‘ about her duty to take care about stolen crime cases of the office in the Attorney Department . She tried to arrange the civil case (offered free lawyer for my divorce ) . Meanwhile , We expect to have security , legal sign of Justice and human rights to leave the West Africa , Ghana with having safe political shelter/asylum first , to be not thrown from my mother’s house (the REGSEC forgot to leave for my mother documents for her house , forgot to registered two houses of a private clinic on my mother’s name ) .

We do not want to be thrown by the criminal-murderer for the street , to be physically assaulted and suffer with internal bleeding and destroyed internal organs the same as Dr. Berkoh did to my mother . The Chief of Attorney Department Mrs. Serwaa covered the crime cases of corrupt politicians involved , one of them – the Presidential Candidate of 2012 Mr. Akuffo-Addo . He was the Attorney General of Ghana in 2001-2003 . In time of 2006 he was a Minister of Foreign Affairs , took our Case with the Minister of Interior and destroyed .
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nana Akuffo-Addo tortured us with racism in High Court 3 in Sunyani B/A , kept and left us foreigners with Ghanaian’s horrible hospitality , with life threats and domestic violence . We had Dr. Berkoh’s savage attacks – the Minister of Foreign Affairs did gave us useless lawyers (the Chief Executive of the Municipal Assembly Mr. Twumasi Awuah and addition lawyer Mr. Matthew Appiah from Twumasi and Associates chamber ) . They tortured us victims of the racism , which left in Ghana from Ghana-British Colonialism .
We became victims of violence and the victims of the corrupt officials in power . We had no court maintenance for 58 days . The lawbreakers damaged the law value . They had tries force my mother , my child and me to take out of the Circuit Court ‘A ‘ crime case (the case of life threats for the media involved ) . In High Court 3 from Dr. Berkoh’s lawyer Mr. Wiredu-Peprah we had free race discrimination . The same we had – the racism from Ghana instead of a justice (in the open for public court’s room in Circuit Court ‘A ‘ , with bribed Justice Mr. Debrah around ) .

We have no lawful protection in the West Africa . Ghana The racists non-friendly to the foreigners . With no money the justice impossible to have , freedom and independence too . For the media involved Dr. Berkoh destroyed our door (separated from him ) to kill us , suffocated my son’s neck – my child ran to save my life , protected me from the murderer of my mother (non of officials/ leaders in Ghana call life threats a crime , because of we are foreigners ) .
My mother was tranquilized-murdered in the morgue or after drip or injection which she had on 21/01/2008 (by colleague of Dr. Berkoh ) . Dr. Aaron Asare ( with him was another Doctor from the Regional Hospital , whose wife owned the park and garden near the Regional Hospital in Sunyani B/A . In 2006 she directed us to the Minister of Women and Children Affairs Mrs. Hajia Alkma Mahama (who left us to starve for 55 days , kept our case for 3 years for nothing good , wasted our time ) . In 2005 she (the doctor’s wife ) had problem’s of bad marriage for many years of odd African’s sorry traditions involved . She was glad – I bought flowers with our slaves salary to make the hell in a house brighter . She was sorry about regular life threats in our house , and the attacks of one of Dr. Berkoh’s clients in his use – Milicent Odoi and her family near my child’s school in Coco Village area where Dr. Berkoh built the house for them , bought a car , sent for university Milicent Odoi , who earlier had entrance to Nsoatre Clinic and Doctors bungalow number 7 (to have free abortions and to sell stolen by her mother nurse from the Municipal Hospital goods useful for illegal-bloody abortions/narcotics business ) .
In Ghana all racists with the same attitude . They destroyed peace , human/ women and children rights and my child’s way for legal documents of schooling with legal way out of Ghana . The schooling in Ghana was ended in 2005 with life threats , racism and domestic violence – my son had 5 years old . The thief-nurse (name Bee ) went to Green Hill Clinic to control the income of Dr. Berkoh , attacked me there , when ASP Amoako (WAJU-DOVVSU ) with the sister of Dr. Berkoh suspected ju-ju in food of Milicent Odoi . She took ‘care ‘ ( ‘cooked ‘ for old Dr. Berkoh to use him with an aim to use a clinic money ) .
We had slaves salary from Dr. Berkoh – his relatives/ colleagues/ Police forced him to pay after his intervals of delay . ASP Amoako and Dr. Berkoh’s sister (Veronica with her 4 children and no fathers ) forced me to cook food for Dr. Berkoh (as he paid us slaves salary – from 2006 it’s became a monthly court maintenance , which Dr. Berkoh did not pay for 3 and half years , paid not in full amount ) .
They forced me to cook food , bring to the Green Hill clinic , which was raised with my mother’s dollars (which Dr. Berkoh forcibly took from my mother ) . Instead of the freedom and justice we had from local lawbreakers race discrimination and physical assaults with bruises . My mother protected me and my son from the murderer . My mother needed a wheelchair , suffered in pain from destroyed internal organs from 19/02/2006 after the savage assaults of the son-in-law Dr. N . M Berkoh She had more Dr. Berkoh’s physical assaults and heart attacks (meanwhile , the civil case – my divorce case was in Court with no any good results , just more life threats we had ) . My marriage ended (dead ) in 1994 . We do not need to meet ever the Satan again . Other crime cases the Chiefs of Attorney General kept out of the Court – had bribes . With the racism unity Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke stole dockets to hide the crime .
The Police worker ASP Amoako (WAJU-DOVVSU ) asked me ‘what a problem ? ‘ He said , with support of some others ‘the British killed many of Ghanaian’s and I reported about only one deadly assault of only one Pig ‘ (he called my mother – Pig ) , ‘and it is not a problem ‘ .
We can repeat : the thief in power is Robert Beke (with being the Chief of Attorney Department he stole dockets to cancel record of committed by Dr. Berkoh crime for government’s and wealthy criminal’s payment ) . He resembles Dr. Berkoh (who stole all my mother’s family inheritance and cancelled her rights of receiving the pension after 38 years of work , stole our slaves salary the monthly court maintenance ) .

To have official responses for previous petitions we have to send new one and will be no replies . The circle has no end . The crime covered with the State Attorney , by Ghana Security , by Chief Justice Mrs. Wood , by 2 political parties (include current ) . The crime hidden by others involved , it is a fact – the murderer of a foreigner is free from punishment , the criminals in Ghana feel alright . We are political asylum seekers officially since 2006 . We need International support to leave the West Africa .

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