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The Human Rights was violated with many years in Ghana . Murderer of my mother underpinned by dishonest officials / leaders the discrimination / racism .

July 19, 2012

2006 – the Minister of Foreigner affairs (Mr. Nana Akuffo-Addo ) gave us lawyers . One was a client in Green Hill Clinic of my ex – the Municipal Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly (Mr. Twumasi Awuah ) , another lawyer was from Twumasi and Associates chamber (Mr. Matthew Appiah ) . They did spoil my divorce case , covered the domestic violence , kept us with new death threats , without court maintenance 58 days . They didn’t give the way for my mother to send separately a civil case to the High Court . Meanwhile , she had not her pension in Ghana , had no food on time , had no subsidy . The human rights lawyer Agyei Arhin was bribed by my separated ex (Dr Berkoh ) since 2000 .
Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice lawyer Mr. K . Agyei Arhin from the same home town (Techiman ) with Dr. Berkoh’s Administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh (who with attempt to hide the crime to dismiss our Human Rights case impregnate lawyer’s sister with her instant employment’s in Green Hill Clinic , married , later divorced ) . The lawyer Mr. K . Agyei Arhin (CHRAJ ) hid human trafficking / slavery , acts of abortions / narcotics dealer the murderer / smuggler foreigners to Ghana (Dr. Berkoh , who grew rich with planned theft of my containers in 1993 and theft of my mother’s family inheritance in 1996 ) . The lawyer accepted / welcomed bribes offers from Dr. Berkoh – left his job , left behind the law our Human Rights case , received entrance to the Green Hill Clinic for all his family treatment for no charges of payment (also got private business , Pickup to drive himself , ticket to abroad for vacation… ) .

We passed through death threats . In April , 2007 my mother legally asked for compensation for property stolen by my ex (Dr Berkoh ) separated from June , 2007 by the Regional Security Committee (REGSEC ) . She needed to have the share from private clinic income for 7 years . The private clinic Green Hill was raised with forcibly /violently removed from my mother’s bag / purse / pocket by Dr. Berkoh (my mother’s property , which she sold in Russia-Ukraine ) , had with her work , had from her parents (from parents parents ) . My mother needed to have payment for her pension for 11 years (the pension lost with cheat invitation to stay in Ghana by the racist/ her murderer – Dr. Berkoh ) . My mother needed the compensation for her raising pension (which government of USSR paid as she worked for 38 years in Soviet Union ) .
She wanted compensation for her library of books , which she had from 1978 , sent to Ghana , burnt books with tears in 2006 as her son-in-law (Dr Berkoh ) waned to keep in secret his dirty reputation (‘cleaned ‘ with bribes to officials ) , warned to throw us out of his country at Christmas in 2005 and in first day of 2006 . Dr. Berkoh threw my mother on the street after savage attack and brutal assaults in 19/02/2006 , wanted to kill to avoid International attention to our complicated case with many years we had physical assaults / wounds .
My mother asked for her teeth replacement – in a doctors bungalow her son-in-law hit her face , destroyed her teeth to force to keep quiet about his bloody business (abortions ) . Everybody for bribes is receiving like foreigners tortures (which we passed and are passing through ) . Ghanaian’s with unity laughed at my mother’s tears for justice . Dr. Berkoh encouraged the citizens to behave like animals with accelerated racism , with the tradition xenophobic virus . Non was helpful . My mother asked money (the compensation from Dr. Berkoh’s theft acts ) . She needed through the High Court our security / safety , expected the justice work – freedom / compensation from her future murderer . She needed compensation for her sold apartments , for visa and ticket to UK . We had failed tries with Ghana-EU’s discrimination to have through EU assistance (to have safe political shelter , to safe my mother’s life after assaults (destroyed internal organs ) with dreams of having urgent , professional medical help in abroad ) . Set ups of murder was arranged for my mother – no legal way to come out of smuggler’s trap . Dr. Berkoh used us for slavery . I supposed to be wise – never accept an African murderer/ thief / racist in our land .
With my arrival to Ghana in September , 1993 and dead marriage from 1994 – Dr. Berkoh had tries rape me . I fought to be free , the divorce he did not gave . He bought everyone to hide the crime (to stay far from prison , to do not pay my child’s inheritance , my share , my mother’s compensation for his theft commitment , to keep the case far from International observation ) . Dr. Berkoh supposed to be dead bankrupt on an electrical chair – his record of crime corrupted politicians / their security / police / lawyers are growing . With facts of my chronic anemia in Ghana – he supplied us with low food and with a Lipton tea (which put my life at risk with total low temperature / blood pressure of my low temperature / blood pressure and frequent unconscious condition ) . Dr. Berkoh used wrong medicine and destroyed my mother’s heart function . He made up intentional direction in poor choice of cheap soy milk for my son’s childhood (to grow child’s malnutrition / my no balance in monthly situations ) . Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my mother ) bought cars , built buildings , paid for visas/ tickets for abroad for those , who grew criminality higher than all officials / leader posts and value of Ghana . They all made regular harm to / in our human / women and children rights .
Dr. Berkoh created fake image of me in his richness of lies of menopausal disease to his colleagues / locals in my age after 20 . He physically assaulted us , made his rights stronger than Police force . The murderer of my mother unlawfully stepped on our freedom / independence , used us as cleaners , married himself traditionally to anyone (who passed by for his abortions / pethidine) . Some of the officials used him to ‘marry ‘ . Dr. Berkoh kept himself ‘in use’ since his Borden school (Koforidia Sec-Tech ) and Tema port ‘work ‘ for instant dollars . In my teen age I did not suspect he has ‘such baggage’ .
Doctor Berkoh used our foundation for his stand , for corruption and racism . The wealthy criminal used violence for his prosperity of communication with all officials / leaders involved and constantly maintaining their disorder / dis-balance , sabotaged their position . He uses the Administrator of Green Hill Clinic (Amo Frimpong Monsoh ) for every purpose , to sweep their dampness of illegal acts , used cash to do that . Dr. Berkoh used us foreigners for attraction his clients from the region , grew popularity with tortures of my mother , my son and me , dismissed our trust in African’s .
From the Britain’s-Ghana history the racism passed to Ghana in the time of Colonialism . We became the victims of someone’s past – no one able to care about the human rights of foreigners in Africa . The Legal Aid lawyers were afraid to go against political leaders , because of they with unity covered crime . The Regional Police Commander Mr. K . Opare-Addo intentionally hid location of the Legal Aid lawyers in the beginning of 2006 .
He gave us his lawyer Marian Gyasi from Ashanti’s region (who was unable to send my divorce case to the court for more than 4 months ) , and we had no food , no money for teachers of my child without the Police Commander’s ‘friendly ‘ control of wealthy doctor/criminal . The politicians / security / peacemakers became involved . The matter pushed us to complain and contact to the Minister of the Foreign affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo . Unfortunately , with abortions / narcotics business prosperity my ex paid well since 1997 for the region’s Police and for political party leaders , officials . They hid the crime in Ghana , made us looks like a miserable monkeys-beggars .
From my tranquilized mother left only bones in Ghana-grave . Some of them , who hid the crime : the Regional Minister Ignatious Baffour Awuah (he buried my mother in January , 2008 in 2 feet hole in his political party coffin , with the BNI Regional Commander-the member of the REGSEC Marcus Plus from current political party ) . Some others , who hid the crime in Ghana – the Minister or Interior , the Minister of Foreign affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo (he is a Presidential Candidate , allowed lawyers to play racism / politics in High / Circuit Court ) , the Chief Justice with Minister of Health , the Bureau of National Investigation , Ghana EU , INTERPOL , UN .
No one of involved friendly to the foreigners from U.S.S.R , non of involved friendly to the law or to the human rights – all rejected/hid our SOS since 2006 . The law breakers made the crime stable in Ghana .
We want to have freedom from tortures from many years of yesterday’s – today , or tomorrow . The International Human Rights must be lawful to us .

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