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Many hid the crime in Ghana: the Minister of Foreign affairs with the Minister of Interior, with the State Attorney, the Inspector General of Police, the Regional Minister, the Chief of Attorney General, the High Court and Circuit Court Judges, with the Prosecuting Officer, the Regional Police Crime Officer, the Regional Police Commander, Prosecuting Officer, ASP Amoako, some others from WAJU-DOVVSU, the Chairman of the Regional Security Committee with REGSEC, the INTERPOL, the Register of the High Court, Supervising High Court Judge, others made justice invisible in Ghana, in Sunyani B/A. They involved in hidden crime, declared as an ordinary matter the race discrimination, stealing properties from the foreigners and stolen our court maintenance (monthly-weekly food money from us foreigners without payment arrears and compensations). My mother, my child and I had enough of horror – threats of death, attempts to kill from Dr. Berkoh. He threw my mother on the street with deadly assaults, destroyed child’s schooling with frequent attacks, physical assaults, racism with outcome of murder of my mother. Officials/leaders alright with internal crime and bribes, made violation of the law as an ordinary issue not a crime. They allowed to wealthy doctor-criminal grew abortions illegal business since Nsoatre from 1997. With abortions cash Dr. Berkoh bought two political parties (NPP-NDC’s) corrupt members for his support to terrorize us for many years. They allowed him to travel – to come out of the Ghana (in time when my mother sent me to type petition through NDC’s typist – my mother needed to have the compensation through the High Court for stolen by Dr. Berkoh property, lost pension for 11 years with cheat invitation). The corrupt officials/leaders forgot: we’re trapped in Ghana, we are dependents with stolen citizenship by Dr. Berkoh. We need neutral country to have peaceful life. In Ghana we are temporarily, the USSR we left permanently – I sent to Ghana containers, my mother sold all properties and belongings, followed me with invitation of Dr. Berkoh, did not expect savage, inhumane treatment in the West Africa, Ghana. We stay trapped with unjust/racism, meanwhile from 2006 we are political asylum seekers. We pleaded officially with our SOS for freedom, to have safe political asylum in UK to safe my mother’s life, to give to my son proper education with having home in peaceful country, with having safety with well organized society where Law everyone are respecting.

July 15, 2012

Minister of Foreign affairs,Minister of Interior,State Attorney,Inspector General of Police,Regional Minister,Chief of Attorney Department ,High Court&Circuit Court Judges,Prosecuting Officer,Regional Police Crime Officer&Sunyani Police service,Chairman of Regional Security Committee,Interpol,Register of High Court,Supervising High Court Judge,others involved count race discrimination,stealing properties&court maintenance(food money from us foreigners without payment arrears,compensations),threats of death,attempts to kill,throwing on the street with deadly assaults,destroyed child's schooling with frequent attacks,physical assaults counted as ordinary issue not a crime,allowed  wealthy doctor to terrorize us for many years,allowed him travel - to come out of country (when my mother sent me to type petition to have her compensation through High Court for stolen property,lost pension for 11 years) while we're dependents with stolen citizenship in Europe(Ukraine) with invitation and savage,inhumane treatment in Africa(Ghana) left trapped,meanwhile from 2006 we pleading for freedom,safe political asylum

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