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My child’s schooling was destroyed in 2005 (my son is Millennium born). The domestic violence covered by bribed police, lawyers and corrupted politicians. My mother, my son and I had no safety. My land for the school was stolen by my ex with a case in a High Court and racism. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Akuffo-Addo gave us useless client of Dr. Berkoh the NPP’s political party lawyer the Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Mr. Twumasi Awuah, who gave me his junior lawyer Matthew Appiah (from Twumasi and Associates chamber). They followed instructions of my ex, also the administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh’s instructions and instructions of the ex’s lawyer. The lawyers played politics and racism in courts. They didn’t response for giving to the Court disinformation of my ex, meanwhile my son had through the Police Commander’s assistance payment for teachers 70 not 310, not 2 and half years. In 2004 and part of 2005 my son was in Divine Montessori school. Was no money for my car’s fuel/was no money for driver to pay/was no money for transportation to reach the court. The food we had not on time. Dr. Berkoh used my Mother’s clinic income to pay bribes. My Mother had heavy pain after the untreated (deadly with a daily deterioration) physical assaults. She had new heart attack – Dr. Berkoh attacked at night to force to give him car keys. She had not keys. We sent a car to keep in the Regional Police Headquarters to safe. The Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo (member of the Regional Security Committee) took keys and documents, did not return (stole the car). Meanwhile, we wanted to sell the car (to leave the West Africa, Ghana through the EU’s assistance in a beginning of 2006). I did not get divorce – justice was buried with race discrimination, lies in Court and corrupted/bribed Judge Mr. Ato Assan…

July 15, 2012

In High Court instead of given us divorce,share,independence my ex (as marriage broken in 1994) with his lawyer used my child's name FOR THEIR DIRTY NEEDS: to get my vehicle,called my son FINANCIAL BURDEN,they LIED IN COURT,HAD NO PUNISHMENT FROM JUDGE - schooling was destroyed,domestic violence covered,we had no safety,my land for school was stolen by my ex with case in Court,given by Minister of Foreign Affairs lawyers followed my ex and his clinic administrator's instructions,did not response for given to Court disinformation of my ex while my son had through Police Commander's assistance payment for teachers 70 not 310,not 2 and half years - 2004 part of 2005 my son was in Divine Montessori school,was no money for my vehicle fuel,for driver to pay,was no money for transportation to reach court,food we had not on time. My mom had untreated deadly assaults,had new heart attack as my ex attacked to force to give him vehicle keys what we sent to keep in Regional Police Headquarters to safe,sell to leave country through EU in beginning of 2006,never get back.I did not get divorce,justice was buried with lies and corrupted Judge..

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