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We dream about freedom from Africa. With the Domestic violence we had choice: cry or concentrate on knowledge in free from violence time. From the Roman Catholic school in area I get for my son Sunday teacher with Roman sister arrangement (I paid). They allowed children to attend school from 4 years, while my son hyperactive with high IQ read daily papers in small age. With waiting for growing my child went to further school, had discomforts but successfully finished Kindergarten with excellent mark, then in Holy Spirit school was recently fixed by school authorities to learn again ABC’s and 123’s. Meanwhile a teacher with one from authorities (the friend of Regional Police Commander and my separated ex) were informed about child’s IQ. They played racism and discrimination against my child, they did not send my child for upper class. The school authorities took payment, the teachers too. MY SON WAS LOCKED IN STOREROOM FOR 5 DAYS WITH COMING TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY. MY CHILD HAD NO POSSIBILITY TO STUDY IN UNCIVILIZED SCHOOL, PASSED THROUGH TORTURES: HAD NO FOOD, NO WATER, ONCE URINATED UNDER LOCKED DOOR. CHILD STOOD FROM 7:30 TILL 2 PM, BECAME WEAK – SAT ON CEMENTED FLOOR IN RAINY SEASON, FELL ILL WITH HEAVY PNEUMONIA. The racists did not allow me in, secretly abused my son with threats of death, forced my child to keep quiet. They tried to break down my son with their power of free tortures what is against the law. I waited near school gate 6 and half hours. I thought: my son is safe, we needed SAFETY, official way to leave Africa, we needed an official certificate to have for my child. I heard child’s far weeping for help, I tried to pass in, was sent back out of the school gate. My little suffered in JUNGLE IN GHANAIAN ‘HOLY’ HELL PRISON WITH DISCRIMINATION OF HORRIBLE ANIMALS-SATAN’S ADMINISTRATION, THEY HAVE NO LEVEL – THEY DID NOT PASS EVOLUTION, THEY RACISTS. My separated in 2007 racist-ex Dr. Berkoh sent Green Hill clinic administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh to encourage those who did that, sent that monster to take us out of school. The Administrator sold clinic narcotics on the way to their clients. MY SON HAD RISK TO DIE, HAD HIGH TEMPERATURE, HEAVY COUGH FOR 3 MONTHS.. The Director of Education in region with the Police did nothing. After recovering we returned for far school, were kicked away by colleague of my ex – Chairman of the school Dr. Ousu to totally end schooling tries in Ghana. In that school area we were attacked by nurse with all her family – they had built by Dr. Berkoh house, he bought car, sent to university, to abroad for vocations one of prostitute from that house. The foreigners have no protection in the West Africa, Ghana. We need freedom today with International assistance.

July 13, 2012

With domestic violence we had choice: cry or concentrate on knowledge,Roman Catholic's school allowed children attend school from 4 years,while my son finished with Kindergarten with excellent mark,but was fixed to learn ABC,123,then WAS LOCKED IN STOREROOM FOR 5 DAYS,HAD NO CHANCE TO STUDY,HAD NO FOOD,NO WATER,ONCE URINATED UNDER LOCKED DOOR,STOOD FROM 7:30 TILL 2 PM,SIT ON CEMENT FLOOR IN RAINY SEASON,FELL ILL WITH HEAVY PNEUMONIA.Racists did not allow me in,secretly abused my son with threats to keep quiet what is against the law.I waited near school gate 6 and half hours,heard child's weeping,so my little suffered in GHANAIAN HOLY HELL PRISON.My ex clinic administrator controlled those who did that,also sent,take us out of school,sold clinic narcotics on the way.MY SON HAD RISK TO DIE,HAD HIGH TEMPERATURE,HEAVY COUGH..Director of Health,Police did nothing,as foreigners we have no protection.

My ex (Dr. Berkoh) with family of one Milicent Odoi spoiled our way to one school with his colleague (the school chairman, did not allow me to come with my son, tried to safe colleague’s dirty reputation). Dr Berkoh attacked us at night, then physically assaulted my son on the way to school, gave life threats with regular warnings, my son opened speedy car’s door to run out, had risk to die. Another school was uncivilized.
Sometimes I remember how my child waited near outside gate in his uniform for driver for 1 hour and more – the murderer of my mother (Dr. Berkoh)did illegal operations at night, had time to attack my mother, my child and me before going to clinic and with returning, then left house at 9:30-10 am, sent driver late to sent my child to school – I went with my child because we all afraid to be in someones country without security and safety.
I tried to have legal way to leave since 1994, had life threats for that, my mother was tranquilized for tries to have justice and freedom.
My child and I are waiting for miracle to have liberty.

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