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The continent/country, where officials/leaders flouted rules of the law.

July 13, 2012

My mother and I used our slaves salary, made comfort for my son’s development. I went to the Regional Ministry in Sunyani, B/A region, waited for our weekly court maintenance cheque in Chief Director of Coordinating Council, had a torture of wasted time (was no sign of a cheque delivery from the Police). I left at 5:30 pm the Regional Ministry’s useless for foreigners building to borrow foodstuffs for 3 days and for teacher’s payment money. I returned to the house, was shocked – my Mother, my son had a risk of death – the fire in the room. French teacher, my Mother and my son used water all over in the house. Our pet dog was alive, our parrots burnt in a cage. Earlier, Doctor Berkoh hit to destroy outside parrots cage – the watchman wanted him to stop, but mad Doctor called us with violent actions out to kill one of us. With his outing of the compound (for a while), we saved parrots for some time but lost in a fire. Someone had attempts to kill my Mother and my child to burn our official petitions of SOS for freedom fire with a house in 2007, only a few books left usable. My son’s childhood stolen, spoiled with domestic violence, racism and death threats. My mother and I struggled to give for my son safety, development and education. My son always occupied for educational activity, with small time are taking some rest. We passed through difficulties to have slaves salary (what later became monthly court maintenance in 2006). Through the Police and Regional Ministers, we had not from the murderer of my mother (Dr. Berkoh) for 3 and half years as a punishment for sent to the Circuit Court crime case for the media involved (life threats). Dr. Berkoh organized violent attempts to kill us with his savage attacks and physical assaults. He suffocated my son’s neck to kill on 27/10/2006. My child had risk die (to be killed)…
Huge speculations around our case – disinformation’s make themselves proud of illegal acts in force/torture foreigners. We need a huge army of International supportive officials to pass racists blockages.
I used slaves salary to buy for my child new/quality toys, books, laptops and clothes. With a lack of a human/women/children rights and able crime of human trafficking/smuggling of foreigners/theft of foreigners property/ murder of foreigners in the West Africa, Ghana I had lots of Tortures. 1994 – ended/dead marriage, separated ex in 2007, violence ended, but set ups of death threats Dr. Berkoh is organizing with his administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh with others hands. We had no way to freedom/independence with racism in Ghana Courts. Corrupted officials/leader involved, keep us foreigners with force in Ghana with their fake/force marriage. Doctor Berkoh paid them, supply cash for their needs/built houses… He bought cars for his ‘boyfriends-girlfriends’ (traditional ‘wives’), built for them houses, paid for their visas, universities and tickets to abroad. Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother – separated by the REGSEC ex). The lawbreaker uses the income of my mother’s private clinic Green Hill (with ‘taken’ my mother’s dollars in 1996 with his lies, force and cheats, invitation to Ghana ‘to care grandchildren’). Doctor Berkoh stole all my Mother’s property/our family inheritance. He used her finances to grow himself, grew other lawbreakers with free in Ghana violence in the house against us – bribery are flowing with the corruption prosperity. We have nothing on our own permanent, officially we homeless, we have no country/no land/no foundation to re-start life.
Doctor Nicholas Mensah Berkoh includes for serving his sister and her 4 children without fathers (they got rid of my 3 babies, only one survived, we stay between death and life). Dr. Berkoh served others his tribe members and officials with bribes to cover the crime deeds, to save the career. The thief/murderer uses the income of raised up with my Mother’s finances private clinic for new buildings to grow. Others new officials became accomplices, the same value with their local criminals. They are jumping in their offices for nothing good to us.
We are foreigners. We are staying in Ghana temporarily with longer lasting force, we stay near the door of a cage. No freedom without money. Our cage house (the same as Green Hill clinic) – my mother’s property without given to her documents, stolen from us property has no renovations, freedom are pending. The justice no possible to have in a jungle of racists rulers. The human trafficking, racism, torture, rape, physical assaults and murder of my mother – hidden by politicians, police, lawyers and security. My child and I need independence from the murderer, freedom from his warnings to kill, freedom from his country and the African continent.
We can have for a few minutes a happiness (as we alive). We need International assistance (to be legally from lawbreakers and their organized webs of death (we have remains of hope to be free from Africa).

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