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I’m the Mother and father for my son .

July 12, 2012

I'm the Mother and father for my son .

My past and separated in 2007 by the Regional Security Committee ex (Dr Berkoh ) did not give me maternity dress to carry a baby in 2000 , didn’t teach my baby how to walk , talk , read and write . The murderer of my mother (Dr. Berkoh) attempted to kill us many times for our skin color , for our tries to have International support and political asylum , for tries to publish about our bitter life as politicians forgot – my child is human . We have to ask the UNICEF where is children rights ? Officially we are political asylum seekers since 2006 .
With delivering our SOS to UNHCR we hope to get the way to have subsidies and freedom .

My child’s clothe’s , books and laptops I bought with our slaves salary , which became a monthly court maintenance in 2006 . Then , as a punishment for sent the crime case to the Court we had not from the murderer of my mother (Dr Berkoh ) , also we had not 58 days our daily court maintenance for the media involved in the case . Dr. Berkoh suffocated my child with savage attack with an attempt to kill – he is paying bribes to stay out of the prison .

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