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” IT IS NOT YOUR LAND , GO AWAY ! ” – the Ghanaian neighbor-racist shouted to my child . The same we had and have regularly without legal way to leave out of the West Africa . We are staying with force , with daily race discrimination , Insults , assaults , with threats of death , with opponents set ups of harm and damages against us . We complained about bad situations to the Commission on the Human Rights and Administrative Justice , reported to the Police and to District environmental health officer , gave complain to the chairman of the Regional Security Committee and to the Regional Minister . Non of officials is supporting foreigners , non of them fight for our human rights . All of them racists , nothing left to steal from us foreigners . They became very angry and nervous as we still alive after life threats which we passed through . They protect their African land with unity keep it and themselves unclean . We are safe political asylum seekers officially since 2006 . We are staying like hostages , we need International help to come out today of the foreigner to us unclean land . Murder of my mother left hidden . My mother was robbed , tranquilized and was landed in Ghanaian’s Land-grave .

July 10, 2012

With cheats and lies in 1996 my mother’s money was taken by Dr. Berkoh (my separated in 2007 by REGSEC ex). He used my mother’s money to buy car, lands, to build blocks for a house, private clinic, for his mother block house instead of her uncivilized hut in Ashanti’s village…
My mother did not get official documents for property, we never were welcomed in Ghana. All the property stolen, time wasted, my mother was murdered by organized criminal’s set ups of Dr. Berkoh and his followers-citizens. The corruption and racism very high, NPP-NDC’s political parties got failure, the security got their payment to mute our case.
Ghanaian’s wants us out – for grave. The political members of NPP-NDC’s officials and leaders hid the crime, Ashanti’s tribe (who the same as Dr. Berkoh) – the racists are messing around as stalkers and slanders. They are teaching us foreigners: the coffins are cheaper than official green light for our legal way to leave the West Africa with having safe political shelter and freedom

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