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2006 Not everything was typed right by racist-typist . “I’LL KILL YOU”, “I’LL KILL YOU NOW” – madly shouted at me Dr. Berkoh (separated in 2007 by the Regional Security Committee past ex). He physically assaulted a teacher of my child for protection us. My mother needed wheelchair, had critical health condition without professional medical treatment after Dr. Berkoh’s earlier physical assaults, had pain in destroyed internal organs, was physically assaulted again by Dr. Berkoh (with set ups of murder my mother was tranquilized in 2008, sent to grave by BNI and the Regional Minister of B/A, Sunyani). Dr. N. M. Berkoh wildly suffocated my son’s neck for saving my life, for our tries to publish facts from our life through the editor The Chronicle Mr. Simmons Yussif Kewura. The Police hid particulars of offense under control of the MEMBER OF THE REGIONAL SECURITY COMMITTEE the Regional Police Commander Mr. Kwaku Opare-Addo (the Solicitor of the Supreme Court) and the Chief of the Attorney Department Mr. Robert Beke (he became a thief – stole dockets from the Attorney Department to hide the crime against foreigners, hid bribed Police involved and hid corrupt politicians too). Since beginning of 2006 we are safe political asylum seekers, in Ghana we have life threats. We do not want to stay with force in the West Africa, we had enough life threats and we do not like the racists. We want freedom.

July 10, 2012

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