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Facts of the crime – the judge was bribed, refused to serve the law, became an accomplice in a murder, used racism in Court to raise with bribes private buildings over Ghana.

July 10, 2012

Facts of the crime - the judge was bribed, refused to serve the law, became an accomplice in a murder, used racism in Court to raise with bribes private buildings over Ghana.

2006 The Lawyers delivered to the High Court Judge Ato Assan particulars of the unreasonable behavior of Dr. Berkoh (savage violence in the house). They mentioned about committed adulteries – one of black ‘wives’ was pregnant for Respondent-Dr Berkoh. The Ghanaian’s are stealing properties from whites (Dr. Berkoh robbed all my mother’s property and killed the Mother-in-law), tortured/used us as slaves. At the same time, he is comforting black ‘wives’ and other citizens with properties to hide the crime deeply. Government’s officials alright with traditions, hid fake marriage, human trafficking and free murder in Ghana. The Judge did not give safety/divorce order. He used us to grow rich, did not give us the way for freedom, wasted out lifetime, expected ‘more evidence’, more violence in the house with death threats for us. Judge Ato Assan took bribes, allowed racism in the High Court 3 (Sunyani B/A). The Judge dug a grave for my Mother. He had tries to force me to be raped, to keep ended-dead marriage from 1994 still ‘working’ for his reasons of taken bribes for our case. He was comforted with bribes at the same time my Mother suffered with destroyed internal organs after Dr. Berkoh’s physical assaults in February, 2006 . The Judge Ato Assan tortured us foreigners with the racism intentionally. We reported about the racism in the Courtroom – three hours I waited in the High Court 3, Sunyani B/A to have new court’s day. Officially he (Judge) kept my Mother, my child and me without weekly court maintenance 58 days. The Bank Manager (classmate of the Judge) granted his tribe member as guilty – Judge grew buildings to cover criminal’s. Judge Ato Assan out of pardon.
Through the Sunyani’s Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units and through the Regional Ministers/ Deputies/ Chief Directors of the Coordinating Council in the Regional Ministry we had no monthly court maintenance (slaves money) since 2006 . In the Regional Ministry the weekly court maintenance cheques we had after 3-6 days – the Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chief Directors of Coordinating Council/Chiefs accountants with NPP/NDC’s political parties fall all the time, played politics and racism. They failed with corruption, hid the crime. My Mother was murdered in Ghana (she was tranquilized in January, 2008). My Mother died in a morgue (in Regional Hospital, Sunyani), was buried in a two feet hole grave in Ghana-cemetery by the Regional Minister Baffour Awuah and by Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) Marcus Plus (member of the Regional Security Committee), in their political parties coffin. They left her with no identity … We are safe political asylum seekers since 2006. We need International justice and freedom from tortures, from the West Africa, Ghana.

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