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2004. My child had 4th Birthday’s in a school. With searching the way to justice and freedom I sent child for a Kindergarten and my little rest from the domestic violence of Dr. Berkoh’s savage attacks and physical assaults (but in that particular area the past and separated in 2007 by the Regional Security Committee ex (Dr Berkoh) built the house for the family of one of the ‘girlfriend’s’ that my mother and I met in 1999 in doctors bungalow number 7 , Medical village. She (Millicent Odoi) sold stolen by her mother-nurse goods from the Municipal hospital for abortions bloody business to grow in the region also the narcotic’s business. Dr. Berkoh paid for her university , bought cars , sent her for abroad – for vacations) . We had more problems in Ghana, more life threats , blockages to have officially justice , freedom and food on time , was very hard to pay for school fees, with spoiled schooling was hard to pay for the teachers till later the Police became involved (they had Dr. Berkoh’s bribes for our case, became accomplice, hid from the Court my mother’s murderer Dr. Berkoh). We had more physical assaults and race discrimination in the house , and near the school .

July 10, 2012

2004.4th Birthday my son had in school when I sent him for Kindergarten to my little rest from domestic violence (but in that area my ex built house for one of girlfriend who my mom and I met in 1999 in doctors bungalow-she sold stolen goods for abortions,he paid for university,bought vehicle,sent her for abroad-for vacations) We had more problems,more threats

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