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Internal corruption in Sunyani , B/A , In Ghana . The Police and lawyers , officials and leaders covered each other , hid illegal deeds of past and separated by the REGSEC ex (Dr Berkoh) . The Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo , ASP Amoako with Setina and one called T . T . from (DOVVSU-WAJU) with payment of Dr. Berkoh and Green Hill clinic Administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh tried to land us in their grave , terrorized us victims with their organized false accusation , because of mentioned Police continuously provided themselves with payment of criminals and suddenly the REGSEC stopped domestic violence and supply’s. of bribes was temporarily ended . We had power leakage in the house and rat poison in well water instead of freedom and justice because of Ghana very far from human , women and children rights existence for foreigners SOS . The Police (involved ) were not ready to break the thread of a circuit of local criminals in power activities , had more tries to involve the foreigners for their black deeds against the law. They are knowing – my mother , my child and I am robbed by them , have empty pockets to fight for our safety and rights , they are knowing we are officially safe political asylum seekers since 2006 . My mother sent our 2006 SOS in November , 2007 to President John Agyekum Kufuor , was murdered in January , 2008 – she needed our freedom , justice , expected to receive a compensation from Dr . Berkoh for stolen property . He deadly physically assaulted her in January, 2006 , threw for street from raised with her finances house . Dr . Berkoh use organized the set ups of death . We need freedom from tortures , from human trafficking and physical assaults and life threats but the West Africa , Ghana far from civilized understanding of rights and wrongs . Bribed Police and others involved keep us as hostages to use us for their illegal food . The Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke followed criminals , stole dockets from the Attorney Department in Sunyani B/A , stole 2005 dockets of my son’s case of spoil schooling which was ended with racism , life threats and domestic violence . The lawbreakers hid the crime – my mother and my child was physically assaulted by Dr. Berkoh for child’s teachers payment . The Police twice re-opened crime case and sent to the Attorney Department – the crime case did not reach the court room (docket stolen) . The racists united against us foreigners to forcibly keep us as animals without human rights , without women and children rights and it is against International Law . My mother was murdered in Ghana in 2008 because of the Police and security hid the crime , with their racism and bribery problems they blocked our way to justice and freedom . Our SOS officially is pending in Ghana , West Africa . The corrupted officials and leaders keep as illegally in their trap with their set ups of the tortures .

July 9, 2012

Police,lawyers,officials,leaders covered illegal deeds of my separated ex.Police tried to get rid of us with innocent person accusation .Chief of Attorney Department followed criminal, stole 2005 docket of my son's spoil schooling,assaults for teachers payment which Police twice re-open,sent to Attorney Department

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