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My son’s schooling was ended in Ghana in 2005 with racism domestic violence and life threats . Money for foodstuffs , gas and son’s teachers I had in office of the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo (he spoke through the phone to a murderer of my mother – Dr. Berkoh , the Administrator of Green Hill clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh brought money to the Regional Police Commander’s office with sly apologies for the Commander and promise to meet him in the evening to buy a Commander’s forgiveness for ‘misbehavior’ of wealthy criminal-Dr Berkoh) . The Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo hid the CRIME , hid from court the criminal with unity of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units (DOVVSU) with Women and Juvenile Units (WAJU) . Twice cases were re-open , Police missed/ lost statements from Municipal Police , from CID’s office – the Detective Issah with another Detective Ogestina (she is a client of Dr. Berkoh , from the same Ashanti’s tribe) covered the criminal . Wealthy doctor sprayed disinformation about situations the situation , (to grow violence, racism and human trafficking with corruption). Dr. Berkoh attacked , assaulted us even for child’s porridge which we took on credit in a supermarket Likers , stole my son’s childhood and human rights and we did not get official way to freedom , to leave Africa . The Justice in Ghana impossible to have , because of the racists united with bribes in corruption .

July 9, 2012

My son's schooling was spoil in 2005,money for foodstuffs,gas,son's teachers I had through assistance of Regional Police Commander who hid issue from court with Domestic Violence & Women and Juvenile Units.Twice case was re-open,police missed/lost statements.Wealthy doctor sprayed disinformation about situation,attacked,assaulted us even for child's porridge,stole my son's childhood and human rights and we did not get official way to leave country

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