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No one lawfully protected the foreigners in Ghana . My son wrote to the District Court Judge petition , sent copy to the Chief of Attorney Department and to the UNICEF . The DOVVSU’s – Dr. N . M Berkoh’s – an Administrator of Green Hill Clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh’s and the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo’s fish case was dismissed (the fake case was unlawfully organized against us foreigners) . The truths about the hidden crime in Ghana and bribery in the Police impossible to hide . In fact , bribed Police workers had crises – the REGSEC stopped the domestic violence and direct life threats against us foreigners. In June, 2007 the REGSEC sent the racist-Dr Berkoh out of the house which was raised with my mother’s finance , with forcibly removed from her bag and purse with cheats and physical acts of pressure on my mother from Dr. Berkoh (was stolen her property after his cruel plan to rob and murder an elderly woman with invitation to Ghana) . From time of 2005 in the Police involved workers-lawbreakers used us as a bait to have wealthy criminal’s supply from every violence in the house , hid the crime . The Green Hill Clinic Dr. Berkoh built with stolen property from my mother . He is using the clinic income to buy the Police , lawyers and politicians to control them with his instant cash and stay out of the prison with crime records , to use income for other buildings to grow – to have more , to grow corruption and to block our ways to justice , to freedom and independence with lack of safe political shelter for us foreigners-victims .

July 9, 2012

In Ghana no one lawfully protected us foreigners.My son wrote to District Court Judge petition,sent copy to Chief of Attorney Department,to UNICEF.Case was dismissed as trues impossible to turn over

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