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3/06/07 – the Regional Security Committee made the separation . With dead marriage in 1994 sent past-ex (Dr Berkoh) out of my mother’s house to end the domestic violence . The REGSEC ended direct Dr. Berkoh’s life threats – he had several attempts to kill us , attacked with attempts to murder us one by one . The REGSEC did not give to my mother documents on her house. My mother, our pet-dog, my child and I had swollen bodies – was rat poison in a well water. Our pet-dog was impossible to rescue – vet had no right equipment to safe life of our pet. We had power leakage in the house – the danger for our lives. 7/06/07 – past and separated ex (Dr Berkoh) (with raised with forcibly collecting from my mother’s property the Green Hill Clinic) the Administrator (Amo Frimpong Monsoh) and Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units with Women and Juvenile Units (Setina , ASP Amoako with one called T . T.) , under control of the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo spoiled a peace , disorganized our way of having court maintenance , made a fish case , accused us victims and witnesses of domestic violence and victims-witnesses of political corruption . The Police were not ready to end the violence against us foreigners and to to be quit with bribery with no violence in the house any longer . Since 2006 my mother , my child and I officially seek safe political asylum – the officials/ leaders got failure , blocked our way for the freedom with the Ghanaian’s citizens racism in Courts and new life threats (Dr. Berkoh’s attack-physical assaults, life threats against us the foreigners for media involved, we had no court maintenance for 58 days as a punishment for sent to the Court crime case of life threats . The Police-Chief of Attorney Department did not send all particulars to the Court, the Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke stole dockets from the Attorney Department to hide the crime. The Police and the Attorney Department became equal white collar crime, united with the racism) . We followed in 2006 the EU – now we sorry , my mother was killed in Ghana in 2008 , We did not find justice , meanwhile UN advised us to leave Ghana as refugees in 2006 . With our case the corruption and bribery is growing – we need freedom .

July 9, 2012

3/06/07 Regional Security Committee gave separation,sent my ex out of my mom's house to end violence.7/06/07 separated ex,his clinic administrator,Domestic Violence&Women and Juvenile Units with Regional Police Commander disorganized our way of having court maintenance,made fish case against us victims and witnesses of domestic violence.Police was not ready to end violence against us foreigners to be quit with briberies with no violence

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