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The Regional Minister of NDC’s political party in 2010 . Three days without weekly court maintenance my child and I had not . The weekly court maintenance cheques since 2007 we have not on time (with delay for 3-6 days) through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units , through the Regional Ministers/Deputies.. . We borrowed money for foodstuffs and gas . It is another new life threats from the separated by the Regional Security Committee ex (Dr Berkoh) . Every day racial tension in an area – the racists behave uncivilized . They did not pass through evolution and God did not help them . United racists are disturbing the peace and forcing us to leave my mother’s house and my mother’s clinic with no where to go legally – without a justice . From beginning of the 2006 we are officially safe political asylum seekers , unfortunately one of us (my mother) was murdered in 2008 in Ghana , corrupted politicians-security hid the crime , organizing the torture and set ups of death .

July 7, 2012

2010.Three days without weekly court maintenance,borrowed money for foodstuffs,gas;new threats of my separated ex workers,racial tension in area which forcing us leave house with no where to go legally

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