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July 7, 2012


2006-2007 – The Divorce case in a High Court with dead marriage since 1994 and repercussions of rape , torture , slavery in fact of human trafficking and smuggling foreigners uncovered . Ghanaian’s citizen (Dr. Berkoh raised the wealth with robbing our property , other’s criminals did the same to foreigners whom we met ) . The racism we faced in the house , in every place , where we went (direct and on our back ) . The racism was found in High Court and in Circuit Court with one of multiple’s crime cases of death threats . Violence against us became more severely . Dr. Berkoh throttled my son’s neck to kill for media involved (my son had 5 years old ) – all witches in an area had fun in October , 2006 . The editor Simmons Yussif Kewura of ‘The Chronicle ‘ was cause of new life threats in our house – we explained Dr. Berkoh with his Administrator of Green Hill Clinic Amo Frimpong Monson is buying officials to keep prosper violence / corruption . The editor phoned Dr. Berkoh to push him to attack us in the house (the editor hid himself in Tema , got house in Kumasi , had some cash in the Regional Ministry ) . The judge Ato Assan was happy with our wounds and violence in the house , delayed to give us freedom / safety – did nothing to give us official way for safety , to independence from the murderer of my mother . Organized crime officially grew with unity of the racism in Ghana – the cases frozen / muted / dismissed . The corruption / bribery unseen by International Law in the jungle .
My Mother had dangerous traumatic damage of internal organs (Dr. Berkoh used red wood stick to physically assault my Mother in her age of 63 ) from February , 2006 – Ghanaian’s racists with their surrounding , encouraging him for more deadly assaults .
The court maintenance my mother , my son and I had not in full amount and not on time – the Judge from High Court Ato Assan was bribed and the Police individuals too . The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo calculated his bribes with ASP Amoako , Setina Aboagye and Mr. T . T in DOVVSU-WAJU . They did that with accomplice’s of the Inspector General of Police , State Attorney / Deputy of State Attorney and Municipal Police individuals . Those involved joined Regional Police Headquarters Crime Officer Lartey-Lawson / the Prosecuting Officer Martin Dafeamekpor , others involved . They knew – the Minister of the Foreign Affairs (Akuffo-Addo ) , Minister of Interior , Minister of Women and Children Rights Hajia Alkma Mahama with Chief Executive Director of the Human Rights Advocacy Center (2006 ) made legal racism / torture foreigners in Ghana . Their savage attitude to us was welcomed by Chief of Justice Mrs. T . Wood , INTERPOL (Frank Kwofie ) , Ghana UNICEF , EU (Francis Asamoah , Secretary / Head of EU Commission ) , John Agyekum Kufuor with some others NPP-NDC’s law breakers . They all proclaimed crime against foreigners legally acceptable , grew racism / discrimination / violence / injustice , made Human/ Women and Children Rights unreachable / unavailable in West Africa , Ghana . Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice Agyei Arhin we met in 2000 – he accepted bribes of Dr. Berkoh and Green Hill Clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh , killed Human Rights with our case , nailed my Mother in their coffin with set ups of murder . They welcomed the murderer / murder to our life in their cage . Meanwhile , we need freedom / security from all of them .
Why law breakers tortured my mother , my son and me without daily court maintenance payment for 58 days ? They pushed us to be beggars of foodstuffs . We are hostages in Ghana . It is against the International law code to keep starving foreigners trapped with force , with injustice , without legal way to leave the West Africa , Ghana or not ? In Ghana theft of foreigners property , race discrimination is traditional habit blessed by officials / leaders . Physical assaults of Dr. Berkoh to the foreigners women and child are enjoyment for the West Africa , Ghana . Murder of my mother was committed by Dr. Berkoh in 2008 , by hand of his colleague (NDC’s political party member Dr. Aaron Asare ) . The crime organized with set ups of NDC-NPP’s politicians in the Regional Ministry (by the Regional Minister Ignatious Baffour Awuah , his Deputy Kwadwo Kwakye , Chief Director of Coordinating Council Boating ) in Sunyani-Accra by the security (Bureau of National Investigation Accra-Sunyani ) . The Police they kept aside / beside , bribed by Dr. Berkoh (with abortions/narcotics business in the region since 1997 and in Sunyani Brong Ahafo region the Regional Police Headquarters-Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units since 2005 ) . The Police received their government’s salary of NPP-NDC’s political parties to keep hid the crime in a region with theft of dockets by Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke . The bribed / influenced / controlled by Dr. Berkoh unclean politicians of NPP-NDC’s political parties performed injustice (Dr. Berkoh feed them in Brong Ahafo region since 1997 with abortions / narcotics business ) . They spread themselves all over the Ghana’s regions with transferring’s , polluted Ghana with their unclean bodies . Rich in a racism in Ghana Courts Mr. Wiredu Peprah (the NDC’s political parties lawyer of the murderer Dr. Berkoh ) controlled with instructions NPP’s political parties lawyers (the Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Mr. Twumasi Awuah / his lawyer Matthew Appiah in Twumasi Associates ) . They made fool Minister of Foreign Affairs Akuffo-Addo (Presidential Candidate ) , because of the Minister of Foreign Affairs was useless from far , did not control given to us lawyers . All Akan’s tribe in Brong Ahafo region made a fool their Northerner President from NDC’s political party – internal corruption is blossoming . The Chief Director of the Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah follows rich for big cash a Chief of an accountant of the Regional Ministry Mr. Eric Nyarko . The cash (‘political donations’) of Dr. Berkoh value for them more , than humans dignity . They maintain race discrimination against my child and me in the Regional Ministry, in Sunyani B/A . An old process of torture in progress . We have not on time weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry (with officials interval of delay for 3-6 days since 2007 repeatedly / occasionally / with officials holidays / weekends ) , through the Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU , through the Regional Ministers / Deputies / Chief Directors of the Coordinating Council . The Regional Minister Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye-Marfo , his Deputy Mr. Eric Opoku are flying high – with race discrimination , absence of Human Rights in Ghana . No respect to Justice from corrupt politicians / bribed officials . They stuck in their messy mess – the history of Colonialism in their corrupt heads . They have full pockets / legal accounts in Banks , made empty offices with occupying seats .
Why the racism of their Colonialism Ghana made in use against us foreigners – we pay with our blood for British-Ghanaian history .My Mother paid with her life for past of those , who do not mind us as humans in West Africa . Someone’s past is our bitter daily present . Out life time wasted , we have nothing good – no future in the cage . We are not British to pay for savage / uncivilized behavior of authorities /criminals . They raised up criminality .

We are political asylum seekers . We need International support to have freedom – we are neutral . We do not like to be involved in locals / World’s political problems / crimes . With our choice we are preferring to share white communities to have peace and freedom from fluffs of someone’s past , which is destroying our every second . The happiness in the cage occurs – temporarily …

My mother does not write petitions / police statements to search justice / freedom / human rights . She was sent to a morgue alive . She is in a grave (with no identity ) . We cannot forgive murder /the murderers and his accomplice . We can step on corrupted / bribed , because of they torture / killed one of member of our family of three . Law breakers in power hid the crime , hid our SOS , stole from us lots of good with many years . They rejoiced with power of dead law (the internal crime ) . We hid from violence . We treated our wounds like animals , suffered with anemia , malnutrition , starvation’s to clear notice the injustice . We learned – the individuals have no rights to have Human Rights , masses of corrupted officials mind only huge amount of cash , sometimes crowd’s pleads .

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