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The horrible result of my blind marriage in Kharkov led my mother with deadly assaults into a grave in third world’s country . My mother’s property stolen in Ghana by Dr. Berkoh (son in law-murderer) . My mother was tranquilized , sent to morgue alive in 22/01/2008 , buried by the Regional Minister Baffour Awuah and BNI Regional Commander the member of the Regional Security Committee Marcus Plus in 24/01/2008 with hands of the Regional Ministry’s workers , left in cemetery without identity . My mother’s name was erased from the World by criminal’s effort of unclean-corrupted racists – lawyers/police/politicians and covered them bribed security . She was murdered in 2008 (since 1996 my mother had no legal way to leave Ghana , the same – I cannot legally leave Ghana since 1994) . Current politicians hid the crime in the Regional Ministry , In Ghana . My son and I stay like hostages , with an invisible tomorrow . We are safe political asylum seekers since 2006 . We stay with injustice in the West Africa , Ghana , with force , not by our will and with lack of International support .

July 5, 2012

Result of my blind marriage in Europe led my mother with deadly assaults to grave in third world,her property stolen,her name erased. My son and I staying like hostages,with invisible tomorrow.

Watch out! It’s must no happened to you,or to your family members.

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