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FROM NAIVE TO PRIMITIVE and MISERABLE. 1989 – Kharkov , Ukraine . The Devil crossed my way – I was invited to Ghanaian students Christmas party , was introduced to poor student Berkoh (he had plan to marry – to steal containers with valuable goods , steal all our property , use us like slaves , kill , keep with life threats and tortures) . Our peace and family was destroyed-ruined. 2006 , Ghana , Sunyani – my medical report of the physical assaults from the racist-Dr Berkoh (the murderer of my mother) , Dr. Berkoh made his savage marks on our tries to publish the true facts . He savagely attacked my mother , my child and me – to kill , He madly physically assaulted my mother and brutally suffocated my child’s neck to kill as my son disturbed him to kill me . Officially we are political asylum seekers since 2006 .

July 5, 2012

FROM NAIVE TO PRIMITIVE&MISERABLE.1989 Ukraine.Devil crossed my way when I was invited for Ghanaian students Christmas party.Our peace,family destroyed,ruined.  2006 Ghana - my medical report of assaults,marks of tries to publish true facts

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