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Presidential Candidate (Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006) cause corruption, blessed NPP-NDC’s political parties lawbreakers, made disturbance for Human Rights existence. The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo with his bribes disease encouraged Dr. Berkoh to murder my Mother without punishment in West Africa, Ghana. We stay in Africa without our willingness, trapped with the injustice of racists.

July 5, 2012

2007.SOS call Minister of Foreign affairs ignored as crime was hidden and he one of those who made justice deadOur SOS call the Minister of Foreign affairs Mr. N. Akuffo-Addo ignored in 2006-2007 – the crime was hidden. He is one of those, who made justice dead. He nailed my mother inside the coffin. In 2006 he gave us lawyer Mr. Twumasi Awuah, who is a client of Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my mother). The Ukraine also unable to be helpful as my mother and I sent containers, sold all properties in Russia and in Ukraine, left permanently the Soviet Union (Russia, then Ukraine). The passports Dr. Berkoh stole to do not pay for my mother for 3 years the residential permit and penalties FOR Immigration, to keep us for slavery. He fought with the Immigration Commander Mr. Victor Hybe. The Ukrainian Ambassador in Nigeria rejected us for the Russian language and Russian’s identities (for our contact to EU in Ghana with our tries to have freedom through EU’s support and their poor encouragement to have justice). 2006 –  UN advised us to leave as refugees to do not lost our lives in the process of struggling to have justice (which impossible to have without money, with death threats and with Ghanaian racism in Ghana) . Through EU’s International support, we had tried to have safe political shelter in UK in 2006 to have urgent professional medical help for my Mother. She had heavy pain in destroyed internal organs since a savage attack of Dr. Berkoh from his wild physical assaults on 19/02/2006. We want to leave Ghana and send my child to school with having peaceful place, home and safety. The EU did not care about Russians and Ukrainians. Meanwhile, we are neutral and stateless. With the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo’s failures in a B/A region, the politicians and security became involved , also got failure, because of crime against foreigners is their regular habits became tradition.  The Regional Police Commander regularly took bribes and hid violence/human trafficking/threats of death/racism, then murder of my mother. He hid crime, disturbed us to have safety, freedom through EU. The Regional Police Commander disgraced himself with a bad influence on others and with his lies/cheats of no existing Legal Aid lawyers in Sunyani. We spent our food money, we paid for court papers, because of the Regional Police Commander had tried to DRAIN money from us victims (from Dr. Berkoh too he got regular salary) and gave us the lawyer from Kumasi Marian Gyasi. She delayed with the court papers, waited until Dr. Berkoh hid all lands documents, made more violence in the house. 17/05/2006 – she arrived from Kumasi at 3 pm and went to Judge Ato Assan’s house, forgot to come at 9 am to High Court, where I waited her about 3 hours to leave. My mother and my child waited for sign from the Court for our official FREEDOM. The lawyer from Kumasi was not from Legal Aid (later through the media worker we found the Legal Aid’s lawyers (Kwame Gyan Konto and Nketiah-Apraku). We found their locations in Sunyani not far from the Regional Police Headquarters. The lawyer Nketiah-Apraku was a friend to the Regional Police Commander. He wasted our time, forgot to serve the law, with our case got the way to have better education. The lawyer from Kumasi demanded payment for her transportation. We had limited food money from Dr. Berkoh (only the small piece of income of Green Hill Clinic, which was raised with stolen/ taken from my mother finances with cheats/lies and force of Dr. Berkoh by him). The abortions/narcotics business since 1997 and from 2000 private clinic Green Hill income Dr. Berkoh used to buy NPP-NDC’s politicians, lawyers, police, others . The Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo with injustice pushed us to give our SOS to Accra EU, UN, UNICEF, to alarm to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the Minister of the Interior, to the Minister of Health, to the Minister of Women/Children Affairs, to Accra-Sunyani BNI, INTERPOL and others. The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo paid for a transportation to the lawyer from Kumasi, old crap had useless tries to seduce me to pay him back. Meanwhile, we paid him back (when we had payment of slaves money from Dr. Berkoh). The Regional Police Commander made problems – many become involved. Through his ‘assistance’ in his office we had cash for my child’s teachers, for foodstuffs, for gas from the murderer of my mother Dr. Berkoh, who had a phone call from the Regional Police Commander. Murderer of my Mother sent to the Regional Police Headquarters Green Hill Clinic Administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh to deliver a cash and kind promises to meet the Commander in the evening (to cover more crime with bribes). We had 2.5 millions in old currency for a months as a slave’s salary, which became through the court monthly court maintenance (which we had not at all through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units, through the Regional Ministers/Deputies, Chief accountants/Chief Directors of Coordinating Council, since 2006 for three and half years, then had not in a full amount, 58 days was stealing from us daily court maintenance, was no payment). Meanwhile, Dr. Berkoh had income for one day 12 millions in old currency, controls leaders/officials with his cash.

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