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The Minister of Foreign affairs of 2006-2007 is shining in the market and taxi station, also all over in town with his pictures , ready for election as a Presidential Candidate . Meanwhile he covered crime , from my mother left only bones after domestic violence , and organized murder – she was robbed by Dr. Berkoh , was tranquilized by Dr. Berkoh’s colleague Dr. Aaron Asare on 21/01/2008 and sent by him to the Regional Hospital-morgue on 22/01/2008 . She was buried by the Regional Minister of B/A and BNI Regional Commander the member of the REGSEC , by hands of the Regional Ministry’s workers on 24/01/2008 . The lawbreakers/racists (the officials-leaders) left my mother without identity in Ghana cemetery . My son and I left caged with life threats and injustice in Sunyani , Ghana , West Africa with official SOS FOR JUSTICE AND FREEDOM since 2006 . With our case which the Minister of the Foreign Affair took the lawbreakers-lawyers-judge played politics and racism in the High Court 3 in Sunyani , B/A , took Dr. Berkoh’s payment to keep us as slaves, without court maintenance 58 days, they planned to keep us until force death . The Human , women and children rights bribed and corrupt racists made unreachable for the foreigners , they grew human trafficking .

July 5, 2012

Minister of Foreign affairs shining all over in town with his pictures

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