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We are official political asylum seekers since 2006 . Our SOS with officials-leaders of two political parties/ security and peacemakers. The Report to the Regional Minister in 2012. The Accountant of a Regional Ministry tried to force us for reconciliation with my separated ex – with a thief of my mother’s property and my mother’s murderer Dr. Berkoh who hunted on our lives . The accountant of the Regional Ministry wanted us to allow the murderer to come to our house to bring our court maintenance cheque . The Accountant did not give us a security and weapons for defense . The accountant with those worker’s of the Regional Ministry (who went to Dr. Berkoh directly to became under influence, went to the Police to take our weekly court maintenance cheques which we had not on time , after 3-6 days) . They wanted to have another free murder of one of us. With my refusal they expected our payment from our court maintenance – the salary for the Regional Ministry to we will receive from the Regional Minister’s responsible workers delivered from the Regional Police Headquarters bribed since 2005 DOVVSU’s workers our weekly court maintenance from the murderer on time in the Regional Ministry . Since 2007 the Regional Minister of NPP government took us to the Regional Ministry from the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units as those swum in bribes, hid the crime, laughed at my mother’s bruises . The NDC’s government in the Regional Ministry alright with the racism and discrimination against us foreigners and our human , women and children rights . Too bad for corrupted officials of NPP-NDC’s political parties to put their Constitution and the Presidents drowned in pits in the Regional Ministry in B/A .

July 4, 2012

Accountant of Regional Ministry tried to force us for reconciliation with my separated ex with thief and my mom's murderer,wanted us to allow him come to the house to give court maintenance check,wanted to have another free murdering one of us,with my refusal expected our payment to give us delivered from Police our weekly court maintenance on time

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