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2007 – The Regional Police Crime officer Mr. E. Lartey-Lawson with an accomplice of the Chief of Attorney Department Mr. R. Beke hid from the Court a case the ” Stolen belongings ” . 2011 – a new Crime officer of the Regional Police Headquarters covered those law breakers . My son and I had no choice – borrowed money to pay with our court maintenance for new satellite dish , smaller decoder and smallest TV . Nothing to expect – the cheats and theft against the foreigners is normal issue in Ghana , Sunyani . The murder of my mother was committed in 2008 – the murderer (Dr. Berkoh) able to buy the Police , lawyers , politicians , security and others . The Police alright with bribes the same as the politicians and others involved . The Police are friendly to wealthy criminals and hate foreigners , encouraging citizens to provide themselves with the theft of the foreigners property and helping with the security to set up the murder and cover the crime .

July 3, 2012

Did the Justice ever work in Africa for foreigner Women and Children ? We understood clearly , the thieves supporting thieves the same as murderers . We are staying as hostages , in trap with injustice . We are not living – we are staying near the door with no home as political asylum seekers since 2006 . We are managing to have some development , sacrificing our food for bills payment . We want to leave as refugees as soon as possible .

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