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The lawbreakers unable to dismiss International law .

July 3, 2012

The lawbreakers unable to dismiss International law .

2007 – My mother , my son and I sent petitions with alarm of searching for justice . The Chief of Justice , Bureau of National Investigation , Chief of Attorney Department and State Attorney , with unity of racism and corruption covered the crime officially since 2006 . In Ghana law breakers grew free crime , hid with corruption racism / human trafficking . We are political asylum seekers . The crime hidden by politicians – security is muting the fact of torture foreigners .
Who exactly made the set ups of murder of my mother ? Many involved officials had / have tries get rid of our SOS for justice and freedom from inhumane hospitality . Doctor Berkoh warned , attacked us to kill , for sure organized murder of my mother to never pay for stolen property compensation for my mother . The colleague (Doctor Aaron Asare ) completed Devil’s work – tranquilized my mother , next day sent to morgue . The Police had nothing to do with the crime in Brong Ahafo region . Police hid the crime officially since 2005 in Sunyani-Accra and in every region over Ghana with transferring’s .
The Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah took us from the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units in 2007 – the Police bribed individuals organized abuse and discrimination . Was not possible to have our weekly court maintenance without the Police individuals conflicts . They had cash influence of Doctor Nicholas Mensah Berkoh and his administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh . They also use government salary to misuse positions . The crime was organized and murder arranged .
The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo , ASP Amoako , Prosecuting Officer Dafeamekpor , Regional Crime Officer Lartey-Lawson , CID Issah (Municipal Police ) , Setina Aboagye and T . T . (WAJU-DOVVSU ) hid the crime from court room and hid particulars of offence (with fact of bribery ) in the beginning . The Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke committed crime – stole dockets in Attorney Department to erase Dr. Berkoh’s criminals record with bribes and government salary .

The Regional Minister with Bureau of National Investigation Regional Commander the member of the Regional Security Committee Mr. Marcus Plus sent my mother to a grave with the Regional Ministry’s workers . Involved Attorney Department’s Chiefs of Attorney Department – lawyers , the Police / politicians hid crime in the bushes , They play ‘an innocent ‘ (with an Evil’s deeds ) .

In fact , the lawbreakers unable to dismiss International law . They made justice foggy , unseen in the region and in their country (the same as our way to freedom ) . Law breakers became predators , use us the foreigners to drain our time , use our case to grow illegal ‘castles ‘ on their land .
Common business criminals / racists are smuggling foreigners to Ghana (to rob , to kill , and to torture until death ) . They are afraid to reveal the true to spoil their business of hunting on foreigners . We want to have freedom . They want to keep us with the force , fooling themselves and skulking around the bushes to disturb us in every place we go , because of we show our will to be free from Africa (mentioned names of those who involved and fell ) .

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