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No response for our SOS – the corruption prevailed and racism overruled .

July 1, 2012

No response for our SOS - the corruption prevailed and racism overruled .

Those who involved in our case misused position,fell with corruption

2007 – After a year of injustice in the Courts and multiple life threats with our official alarm of the SOS we had zero in results of law work expectations . My mother , my son and I sent through our American friends the Missionaries (Kim and Chris) my mother’s petition ” International disappointment ” to the President of Ghana John Agyekum Kufuor and our “Petition-Remainder” to the Minister of Interior .
We informed the Minister of the Interior in 2006 through the petition and informed through the phone calls about corruption and hidden crime (human trafficking , racism, domestic violence , physical assaults , theft , life threats , torture , inhuman hospitality …) in Ghana (Sunyani-Accra) .
2007 – We reminded to the Minister of the Interior about the impossibility to have human , women and children rights . We pleaded for my official divorce , our security , freedom , share and the compensation for my mother (payment for stolen property by Dr. Berkoh ) to have green light to leave Ghana . Was no response – corruption prevailed and of course the racism overruled .
21st January, 2008 my mother was tranquilized by Dr. Aaron Asare (the colleague of Dr. Berkoh , from the same tribe , from ndc’s political party) , 22nd January , 2008 my alive mother was sent by Dr. Aaron Asare to the Regional Hospital’s morgue , 24th January , 2008 my mother was buried in 2 feet hole in Ghana , in the coffin of the Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah and the member of the Regional Security Committee the Regional Commander of the Bureau of National Investigation Mr. Marcus Plus with hands of the Regional Minister’s workers .
They left her in the cemetery without identity , the grave yard’s money was stolen by terrazzo workers of Dr. Berkoh . The cemetery thieves are Akuffo and Nee . My mother , my child and I had no weekly court maintenance in 2006-2007 for 58 days through the High Court 3 , Sunyani B /A , through the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo’s and the Regional Crime Officer Mr. Lartey-Lawson’s many occasions of the Police sabotage (with their likes of bribery and the Regional Police Commander’s failure in Sunyani B/ A since 2005 with the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units-Women and Juvenile (DOVVSU-WAJU) with ASP Amoako , Setina Aboagye and one called T. T. They worshiped the Devil the wealthy criminal Dr. Berkoh and to the his assistant the Administrator of the Green Hill Clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh (who is sliding like a snake in the field for every office to pay anyone in power in abundant to dismiss our SOS) .
Occasionally, we did not have our weekly court maintenance cheques for 3-6 days since 2007 through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units (DOVVSU) , through the Regional Ministers / Deputies / Chief accountants /Chiefs Directors of Coordinating Council in the Regional Ministry with NDC-NPP’s political parties corrupt officials .
Since 2006 we do not have payment of monthly court maintenance (slaves salary ) for 3 and half years , the murderer of my mother then from 2010 started to pay again not in full amount and the Police and the Regional Ministers / Deputies / Chief accountants /Chiefs Directors of Coordinating Council hid the crime , keep us as hostages in Ghana (meanwhile , we are political asylum seekers) . The Presidential Candidate Akuffo-Addo had our case since 2006 as a Minister of Foreign Affairs , nailed himself as a law breaker , nailed my mother in a coffin with the Minister of Interior and others involved .

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