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The Minister of Interior was corrupted crap .

July 1, 2012

The Minister of Interior was corrupted crap .

Without protection , safety we became nothing at all (seems to be law breakers want to keep foreigners in the West Africa with monkey’s feelings and no valuable life) .Those officials , who got failure in our case (hid the crime ) with preparation to election use their ‘peasants’ to disturb our peace in our area of the cage-house and in town too .

2006 – The Minister of Interior was aware , my mother , my son and I had no court maintenance for 19 days (in total for 58 days ) . We had and have death threats in the West Africa , Ghana . We pleaded for green light to leave Ghana officially with peace (immediately ) to safe my mother’s life and do not have more harm to our lives with outing of Africa . With the Minister of Interior we did not get freedom from physical assaults . He kept the foreigners starved , without justice , without human , women and children rights , without court maintenance . Inhumane treatment , torture and force is not a crime in Ghana . Our SOS the Minister Interior ignored , because of all in Ghana the same . They want to use the foreigners property – they use/used foreigners to rob , to kill . With the tradition hobby of organizing crime officials and leaders in Ghana did to my mother in same secret way (cheated , robbed property , killed , buried in 2 feed hole , left her without identity in a Ghana-cemetery ) . Officially we are political asylum seekers since 2006 . Time is passing – non of officials are helpful , because of corruption and bribery is killing them . Their racism is burning them .

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