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Shame !!! Stealing properties from foreigners are not a crime in Ghana. the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo stole my vehicle E 200 Mercedes Benz registration # BA 284 V.

June 30, 2012

Shame.Stealing from foreigners is not a crime in Ghana.Regional Police Commander stole my vehicle E200 Mercedes Benz registration # BA 284V

My son and I in 2005, my Mother did a picture.

In beginning of 2006 we send my vehicle to the Regional Police Headquarters, Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo region to safe and sell to leave Ghana with having political asylum. The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo took vehicle’s documents and keys. He did not give our property back (when lawyer Adu Bosompem (Kwakwaduam Legal services) of a buyer with me came to take my vehicle). The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo used a worker of Women and Juvenile Unit/Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units ASP Amoako to heat battery in my vehicle with no fuel (spoiled the battery and over pressed/cracked the key).
They tried to turn my car into a trash (for more than one year of force keeping). Then, the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo sent the vehicle without my knowledge/without my permission out of the Police compound in unknowing direction. The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo did not give to the high court copy of my car’s documents. The lawyer sent me to registration vehicle office in Abesim (B/A region) to do the copy. The Regional Commander hid crime cases from courts – my Mother was deadly physically assaulted by Dr. Berkoh’s savage acts (who paid/paying bribes sufficiently to officials/leaders to stay out of the prison). The murderer is free, had rewards for tortures foreigners from the politicians/security/police in blessings. Dr. Berkoh officially the thief of my containers, which we sent to Ghana in 1993. He stole my Mothers property/family inheritance/pension. My Mother, my son and I political asylum seekers officially since 2006. The Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo got British-Ghana Colonial history’s virus of racism. He learned from criminals to steal foreigners property, to nailed on 24/01/2008 my tranquilized on 21/01/2008/frozen in the morgue Mother in a coffin with his luck to live. The Regional Minister of NPP’s political parties Baffour Awuah with the member of the Regional Security Committee Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Marcus Plus (NDC’s political party’s member) fixed my Mother for their political parties/securities the cheapest coffin, buried my Mother in their cemetery in 2 feet hole’s. They left my Mother without identification, grounded for our attempts to have Human Rights, Justice, and FREEDOM.

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