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Attention , racism in Ghana Courts !

June 27, 2012

Case ‘treats of death’ we had for our tries to publish the truths.
Race discrimination in Circuit Court , Sunyani , Ghana – the Judge Mr. Debrah , Prosecuting Officer Mr. Dafeamekpor and Chief of Attorney Department Mr. Beke were alright with the race discrimination in room of open for public Circuit Court ‘A ‘ (they all against us the foreigners ) . In High Court 3 the lawyer of Dr. Berkoh (Mr Wiredu Peprah ) proclaimed the racism able for receiving his payment (he forced the Judge to reduce our court maintenance to keep us in Ghana without outing of their country until our death ) . Smuggling foreigners to Ghana (torture , murder ) is not a crime .
We had no protection – justice was not found , racism able in Ghana Courts and all over the country . It is impossible to have the Human Rights for foreigners in West Africa . In Ghana is freedom for a set ups of theft and murder foreigners , freedom for life threats , tortures with free physical assaults and race discrimination against foreigners .

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