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My mother handled with difficulty domestic violence, tortures, had heart attacks, heart failure, had no professional medical help in Ghana to treat heart and physical assaults deadly side effects on her internal organs. She tried to leave Ghana since 1996 but son-in-law robbed her property, used like a slave, physically assaulted as European protection we have not, meanwhile we left latest place was Kharkov. Our officials SOS the security and politicians in Ghana muted and ignored, we became political asylum seekers, trapped with injustice and racism in the West Africa, Ghana. A Dr. A. Amankwa wrongly treated my mother – he is a friend of my separated in 2007 by the Regional Security Committee ex. He is not a cardiologist, pleaded with the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo, in Commanders office to leave without punishment his colleague/country criminal Dr. N. M. Berkoh, to continue torture foreigners. The Chief of Attorney Department was on our side, was transferred. The Human trafficking, violence hidden by the Chief of Attorney General, the State Attorney and others involved officials and leaders in Ghana.

June 27, 2012

My mother handled with difficulty domestic violence,had heart attacks,heart failure,had no professional medical help to treat heart.Doctor who wrongly treated my mother is a friend to my ex,who is not a cardiologist,pleaded with Commander in Police commanders office to leave unpunished his colleage/country man.Chief of Attorney Department was on our side,was transfered

Was given to us by the Minister of Foreign affairs Mr. N. Akuffo-Addo one of a lawyer’s clerk and the secretary. They laughed at my mother’s swollen after night attack legs and arms what gave me pain as we are suffering without International help and human, women and children rights impossible to have for foreigners in W. Africa, Ghana to have security, liberty and independence to leave with having safe political asylum/ shelter.

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