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The Member of Regional Security Committee/barrister at law/sellicitor of the Suprime Court of Ghana/Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo, used us victims (foreigners) as a bait to have his daily bread with domestic violence.

June 24, 2012

Member of Regional Security Committee the Regional Police Commander used us foreigners as a bait to have his daily bread with domestic violence

My Mother, my son and I suffered after physical assaults with new violent attacks – Regional Police Commander with Regional Crime Officer and members of Women and Juvenile Unit with Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit, left us victims behind. They saluted to rich doctor-criminal (abortions/narcotics dealer), pushed him for more free violence. Also, they worshiped to his clinic administrator Amoh Frimpong Monsoh, who with my Mother’s private Green Hill clinic cash made doctor’s way smooth with others doctor’s colleagues and family/tribe members pleaded with Commander and we had no food on time, had no peace in the house with domestic violence, had no place to hide. Minister of Foreign Affairs gave us wrong lawyers’ in 2006. No money – no justice, no justice – no freedom.

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