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A Chief of the Attorney Department (Robert Beke) is a thief. He cooperated with Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo. They worshiped to rich doctor-criminal (thief-murderer dr. N. Mensah Berkoh) and Green Hill clinic administrator (Amoh Frimpong Monsoh). Did they follow the instruction of the Regional Minister or sacked Judge (lawyer Williwise) as stolen by Robert Beke dockets in Attorney Department, covered crimes?

June 24, 2012

Chief of Attorney Department was a thief who cooporated with Regional Police Commander,worshiped to rich doctor-criminal and his clinic administrator,followed instraction of Regional Minister,stole dockets from Attorney Department

A Chief of the Attorney Department with the Police, the State Attorney and the Regional Minister with others involving hid in Ghana the murderer and violator of the law.
The lawbreakers in power are growing corruption and racism. Smuggled white foreigners (hostages) in Ghana. Our property Ghana stole.

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