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In Ghana, UNICEF hid the crime, allowed domestic violence to grow with racism, left my son with no safety, with threats of death, forced starvation.

June 15, 2012

Ghana UNICEF hid crime,allowed domestic violence to grow,left my son with threats of death unprotected

Ghana UNICEF left my son with bruises, without food on time, with no chance to have a safe country, home and education in the UK as local lawyers/Regional Police Commander took bribes from the abortions/narcotics bloody dealer, hide crimes.
We met: in Ghana High/Circuit Courts racism/forced starvation, racism and discrimination in Ghana EU and UNICEF against my child’s skin and Human Rights. We are waiting from them be best- the justice miracles to have total independence from the murderer of my Mother. For how long to wait near the door?

Now – 2012, we are dreaming about freedom with hope to have International support.
My son is almost 12 years old, he is expecting International assistance to we have future, helping me with our petitions, introduced the Word Press as God is helping us.

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