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Justice and Freedom: Anniversary – 12 years of official case of no justice/no freefom


Justice and Freedom: 💖 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 💕

Cloud near Anti-Human Trafficking Unit.

Homeless, robbed by Ghana foreigner hostages. Rent – heavy speakers against human ears.

Racism and xenophobia with Ashanti’s domination in B/A and British Colony wounded minds.

Force them with advice to clean their entrance – get insults. Fake Christians mess around our peace in a jungle of unjust as the internal-external corruption exist. Local Catholics already for bloody cash donation turned into Charismatics in the Regional Police Headquarters area. They use 6 speakers to produce speeches to each other, table shaking with walls of hostel’s room renters with their ugly ‘music’ which creepy. Thieves are aggressive the same as murderers and their solicitors – terrorism. 5 years as NDC committed crimes against us white foreigners and against their government, did not win the election. Akufo-Addo’s case of our justice-freedom is pending since 2006 as terrorists against International law and against our Human Rights to leave Africa (immediately).

Violation of the law. Violation of Human Rights.

Justice and Freedom: Exactly 2 years – we are Homeless. White Hostages in Ghana.

Rent. Sakawa/Nigerian jihadist’s entertainment C14 – rounds of disturb.

Boko-Haram’s personality or hired thief by abortions-narcotics dealer doctor Mensah Berkoh (thief of our property/the murderer of my Mother) with his stolen from my Mother’s Greenhill clinic income payment and brother in terror (ritual fetish priest’s Nigerian wife). Their jihadists-prostitutes-racists celebration of our homelessness since 12/04/2016 and rent a bathroom in a bedroom in racists hostel Mary and Martha, Sunyani. NPP-NDC with Independent political party had failure for 12 years of or justice-freedom case of Akufo-Addo’s lawyers – celebration of terrorism against white foreigners-hostages (my son and me and my murdered Mother) organized drug party by authority of Catholic’s Secretariat ‘Ashanti madam in B/A’ Emilia and her day/night watchmen-racists.

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