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Diplomats muted Hostages in Africa, forget about Human Rights with racism in Ghana Courts, corruption/bribery/murder/theft of property/forced marriages and forced starvation.


Justice and Freedom: We met Baffour Awuah – government’s case of the justice-freedom

Liberty Plea.

My son and I are expecting Freedom from Africa.

My son’s pictures of Accra.

The Birds have wings to fly. Hostages must wait with the 25th year of human trafficking in September 2018. Congrats to corrupt officials/to local racists. Why those hid domestic violence/theft and murder, robbed by Ghana white foreigners-victims?

Justice and Freedom: 11 years of separation from the abortions/narcotics dealer.

Regional Security Committee stopped domestic violence and physical assaults against my Mother, my son and me in June 2007. Unfortunately, after multiple death threats, we white foreigner family victims of corruption in Courts, victims of human smuggler’s and criminal’s accomplice, had no justice-freedom since the official case in 2006. President of Ghana Akufo-Addo gave us wrong lawyers without suspect – NDC/Independent political parties involved. We are political asylum seekers in the UK. Ghana-British Colonialism – error to Human Rights of foreigner victims.

Justice and Freedom: Evil Emilia in Catholic Secretariat, Abesim – insane racist

Manage in a trap – torture of human trafficking with force of starvation in a homeless stage and monthly room’s rent. No justice-freedom.

Justice and Freedom: Anniversary – 12 years of official case of no justice/no freefom

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