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Justice and Freedom: 24 years of human trafficking, 4 days no court maintenance in CHRAJ


Watch “Thanks God, it’s Sunday” on YouTube

Ghana Court. Racism. Life threats. Physical assaults.pdf

Alert, human trafficking – internal corruption in Ghana, Sunyani.

2017 Stolen documents from registration room in Reg.Ministry.pdf

Justice and Freedom: Alphabet in backwards (criminality of internal corruption)

Justice and Freedom: Diplomatic cut off foreigners heads – losers with Akufo-Addo’s lawyers/ government

Why NPP gave to NDC our justice-freedom-political shelter in the UK case of 2006 with murdered, buried in RCC’s coffin one of the hostages (my Mother) and keeping foreigners by force in Africa with Akufo-Addo’s useless lawyers case in surrounding and no care, no freedom with NPP’s returning after 8 years???

Justice and Freedom: Excuses for no UN’s Human Rights for crisis zone

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