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Justice and Freedom: Breathless Hell


Every flower expected rain

Breathless Hell

Justice and Freedom: Freedom Plea

Justice and Freedom: 10 years ago my Mother was sent to morgue alive

RCC’s coffin for robbed by Ghana, murdered white foreigner victim of corruption from Minister of Employment and Labour Baffour Awuah and Bureau of National Investigation Marcus Plus – smuggling white foreigners to Ghana. All politicians, others hid crimes with decades. Awareness! The 25th year of human trafficking – racists torture white foreigners in Ghana. Thieves and murderers are organizing xenophobia.

my favorite cat gifs from the past few months

my favorite cat gifs from the past few months

Satisfactory – guaranteed. Have a lovely time.

Justice and Freedom: Happy New Year. Corruption. Warnings to discipline white hostages in Reg. Minister Secretary’s office

My Mother, my son and I followed Ghana government, seek justice-freedom and Human Rights to have freedom from Africa – my Mother was murdered, my son and I stay by force in Africa, homeless. My Mother’s property stolen in 1996, house, clinic, other buildings locals count as their property.

Watch out: smuggling white foreigners to Ghana 1993/1996, theft of white foreigners properties, slavery, torture, murder of white foreigner victim of corruption, racism in Courts, forced marriage, forced starvation, bribery, corruption, physical assaults, xenophobia – not a crime. Jihadists got freedoms for criminality.

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