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Ghana Court. Racism. Life threats. Physical assaults.pdf

Alert, human trafficking – internal corruption in Ghana, Sunyani.

2017 Stolen documents from registration room in Reg.Ministry.pdf

Justice and Freedom: Alphabet in backwards (criminality of internal corruption)

Justice and Freedom: Diplomatic cut off foreigners heads – losers with Akufo-Addo’s lawyers/ government

Why NPP gave to NDC our justice-freedom-political shelter in the UK case of 2006 with murdered, buried in RCC’s coffin one of the hostages (my Mother) and keeping foreigners by force in Africa with Akufo-Addo’s useless lawyers case in surrounding and no care, no freedom with NPP’s returning after 8 years???

Justice and Freedom: Excuses for no UN’s Human Rights for crisis zone

Justice and Freedom: 11 years, no justice, no freedom – lawyers and bribery

Why all lawyers whom we met equally to prostitutes? If my Mother, my son and I had in 2006 justice-freedom and independence from Africa with safe political shelter in the UK – on that times we started to feel like humans. Unfortunately, lawyers-racists took bribes to cover crimes with human trafficking, sold themselves and Akufo-Addo’s name to keep trial in a gutter as how much the hostages paid how much the lawbreakers served to victims and to the law. Society of abortions-narcotics dealer made corruption-racism-murder-human trafficking-tortures against white foreigners – lawful between drugs users and political prostitutes, who made B/A region smelly-bloody.

Justice and Freedom: Security-security

Some of Security’s just secure to comfort the drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes, political criminals as they all racists related to galamsey family members with corruption and bribery blossoms for keeping white foreigners under door to independence from the West Africa, Ghana.

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